TCS  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   Techno India, Saltlake, Kolkata-30 Dec 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   Techno India, Saltlake, Kolkata-30 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    I Sourav Satpati from Netaji Subhash Engg College.

    Criteria: 60% throughout. Not more than 2 year gap. Those who had 75% marks in their carrier get chance for direct interview. This was for some college not for all.
    Total 280 students for direct interview and 150 for aptitude test.
    Selection process:
    1. Aptitude test:

    (Online) 35 questions time 80 mins. Only numerical problem. All of them were from the previous placement papers of these site. Only they change the data. Calculator was allowed. Just practice the paper before 15 days of your placement.
    410 student get chance for next round technical and HR. I was one of them.
    Technical round and HR round:
    1. Intoduce yourself?
    2. Why TCS?
    3. What is your greatest success?
    Then he asked me some technical question. All of them were basic questions
    1. What is structure? how it differ from union?
    2. Heap memory.calloc vs malloc?
    3. Function of Jvm?
    4. Select frist two tuple from a table?
    5. What is cursor and trigger?
    6. How to synchronize a thread?
    7. Void pointer, polymorphism. Virtual function?
    8. Different b/w char and varchar? So on
    Then he askd me some question from my summer tainng project and college project. j2ee db connection code and related driver and architecture.
    My interview was about 50 mins. He ask me some questions relatd to my hobby. Lasty  
    He told me: Have you any questions. I asked him a question. Regarding the ilp program replied me some info about it. Finally I was selected. Total 339 from nsec out of 410

    Didn't get nervous. Be honest, try to amswer in simple language. Didn't tell defination directly from the book. Always try to explain something with example.

    Keep faith on god and yourself.
    See you in TCS.

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