TCS  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   Techno India, Salt Lake Sector V, Kolkata-29 Dec 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   Techno India, Salt Lake Sector V, Kolkata-29 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    TCS interview experience at Techno India, Kolkata.
    Dated: 29th December 2010.
    Hello Guys,
    I am Sanjeev first of all I wishing all of you a very prosperous Happy new year.
    Today I have given a interview of TCS (Tata Consultancy Services). First of all let me tell you a little about myself. I am fresher B. Tech (IT). My B.Tech will be completing by 2011. I was directly eligible for the Interview as I am first topper of my IT branch. This year TCS has policy to take interview directly of 5 toppers of each stream at Techno India group.
    But for aptitude part do last papers it would be enough. If you are solving aptitude questions of last tests from  only 2-3 last paper is enough. Same questions are coming with change in data only. So aptitude is not a big issue. Now coming on interview technical part is very important. They will refer your CV to ask questions to you. So mention subs in which you are confident. Mine was C, Data Structure, Java and DBMS. When I entered I said good morning sir he responded well and said morning and says sit down.

    1st question: So Sanjeev tell me about your school days, where you born and brought up? about your hobbies and interest.

    2nd question: So you have done online shopping cart project. What was your institute name I told him IETE again he asked, "where is it?" I replied, "at salt lake sector v Kolkata".

    3rd question: Tell me about your project. I explained

    4th question: So you have done your project on J2EE wt is J2EE?
    I replied.

    5th question: Wht part of project you have done? I answered.

    6th question: As you have also done coding in your project cd you write java code to connect with database he gave me pen and page I wrote the appropriate code.

    7th question: Tell me what are pointers?

    8th question: What is const pointer?

    9th question: Write the logic to swap two numbers without using third variable as i start by writing a=a+b he said, just leave it its done.

    10th question: Why you want to join TCS?

    I said," sir I am from Bihar where no one is aware about Infosys or CTS etc about brand TATA is known to all so if I will get a job in TCS then it would be very proud moment for me and my family as well.  A part from that I have heard from my senior that TCS provides world class training to freshers and I objective to job also matches with the TCS envirnoment.

    11th questions: Then he again asked that you have done codin in jsp in your project so tell me what are the implicit  object in JSP?
    I told him there are 9  named 4 object and then I said I forgot the name of rest.

    12th question: Tell me what os oops? 

    13th question: What is data abstraction in Java? 

    14th question: What is polymorphism? Explained with method overloading and overriding

    15th question: What is late binding? answered

    16th question: Show me the logic for the traversal of the Binary tree?

    Than he was watching my CV and told you are adventurous person. Then he asked you have very good marks in B. Tech but why your 10th and 12th marks are not up to the mark?

    I told him sir this is scenario of Bihar board.
    He also asked about my AIEEE rank.
    Then he came to DBMS

    17th question: Do you know Normalization?
    Yes sir

    18th question: What is 3rd normal form? how to break in 3nf show me example
    Answered with eample

    19th question: What is Outer join?
    I said sir I have studied but I forgot.

    20th question: Where we use where clause and having clause?
    answered with example

    I have tried to cover all questions asked to me. I was lucky that I was asked questions from my interested subject only. But this was not trend for all students. Some of my friends get full out of context questions.

    * Some were asked only HR questions
    * Some were asked only tech questions
    * Some were asked only project questions

    One friend was asked this is your tie (taking his tie in his hand) compare it with TCS?

    Abhishek (my friend) was good at all sub like C, Java DS and DBMS but he was asked question from Unix

    So study only basics. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. At last lots depends upon your luck

    All the best to all of you.


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