TCS  Placement Paper   Technical - Other    Techno India, Saltlake, Kolkata -28 Dec 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Technical - Other    Techno India, Saltlake, Kolkata -28 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I am Kaustuv studying Electronics and Communication Engineering from Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology, Kolkata. Recently TCS conducted a pool campus on 29th, 30th December. 239 from our college appeared for aptitude, and 229 cleared it. So you can see it was barely a formality. I can't help you with any aptitude questions, as I was exempted. But I heard that it was a straight forward paper. Just practice the basic types that are available on

    Now for the interviews. We were told to report by 11.30 am. The process started at 4 pm. So be prepared to wait.
    I was among the first ones to appear for PI duh, it was more of a viva-voce than a PI. The interviewer was sitting right next to me, rather than opposite not a single HR question not even introduction.
    He started with my project work. I explained the basics to him, he asked a few things. I answered no problem. Then he moved onto control systems this did worry me, because I haven't studied it for some time now also it was not mentioned in my CV. but it was simple, he just asked to give an example of a control system, I made one up instantly.
    Then he asked a few basic questions from 8085 microprocessor, like the types of registers, operating frequency.

    Then he moved onto C and Data structures. Simple things like factorial with and without recursion, deleting an element from an array. Then he asked me to explain bubble sorting, binary search, binary search tree. Searching using binary search tree (which I answered confidently). Then it was over. It lasted for about 15 minutes I guess it was very informal throughout that was actually a surprise. The interviewer was very friendly (no surprises there).

    Results were declared on the 31st, 46 out of 57 from ECE were selected. I was lucky to be among them.
    Few things one should note before an interview:

    1. Don't try and make your own theories about things. If you don't know, admit it. He asked me "how do we connect microprocessors with PCs". I think it is using the 8251 chip. But I don't remember much about the chip. So I chose to say, "I don't know".

    2. Know your projects in every detail possible.

    3. Concentrate on HRs as well. I had no HR part, but for many, it was only HR. It all depends, you see.

    4. And finally, don't give up. If you are not selected, don't lose hope among the 11 that were rejected from our department, I can say for sure, atleast 5 deserved the job more than I did. Don't think that you are among the minority, and that you are not good enough. Don't lose confidence concentrate on the other companies. I am sure you will sail through. And another thing, even if your aspiring for M.Tech, don't mention it (especially if you are from non-IT background)  

    All the best!
    Be confident during your interviews thats the key. All I can say is that the markets have improved, and TCS are looking to recruit like anything!

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