TCS  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   -1 Jan 2004

TCS  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   -1 Jan 2004

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    7 Jan, 2012

     Aptitude Questions

    Hi All !!
    Thanks to  all group members in helping me to achieve my goal.
    TCS test consists of two parts : Aptitude & Psychometric .
    1. Aptitude consists of vocabulary(15 min),passage reading(15 min),maths (30 min ),
    Critical reasoning .
    2 .Psychometric test .(30 min)

    These are some of the questions which I remember ? The language and the numbers used are somewhat different . 
    1. a) Vocabulary(Synonyms and Antonyms)
    Garrulous,Loathe,parody,antipathy (Refer GRE BARRONS book or any CAT material if u have,I referred CAT material b?coz I prepared for CAT )

    b) One passage was there and fill in the blanks (All are easy )

    c) Analytical part (Questions given here r in random order )

    1. Question on series.
    2. Question on Singular matrix (Like find out the one among the four )
    3. Question on orthogonal matrix similar type
    4. Like Momentum * Time or something like that gives what , options where 
    5. Three to four question on sets (Usual fig was given )
    6. On work,time like
    A is twice as much efficient as B and B?s individual time taken was given.Find the time
    If both were working together.(Easy one)
    7. Big question on trains?..
    8. Question like find the no of T?s in a given series which r followed by G but not preceded by P (easy one)

    These r all the questions I remember

    d) Critical reasoning (30 min) 
    1. Question like A& B together give P and Q
    Q gives R
    H gives T only if R gives H
    W gives Vonly if Q and U gives W
    P gives S 
    And likewise and 3 to 4 questions were asked like if min no of the above operatios r performed then what is the result (Options were given )
    Similarly ,second question was to find the result after max no of above operations 
    It was somewhat difficult??.

    2. Questions on Languages like ???
    A knows Telugu and Hindi
    B knows Tamil and English
    C knows Tamil and Hindi
    Similarly D,E,F,G??..
    Then q?s like who can act as a interpretor between the other two (like in above c can act as a 
    Interretor between A and B) likewise ????

    Technical Interview ::

    Initially they asked me which is ur favourite subject ,I told DBMS, so
    Questions mainly on DBMS ( Normalization ,etc??.)
    OS (Semaphore,Deadlocks,Paging??)
    C(Prgm was given and asked to give logic???.related to files and pointers )
    C++(Static,Automatic,Global variables ) and one C++ prgm related to same?.
    PL SQL Basics?..

    HR Interview :
    Usual questions like tell me about yourself,family background,aim in life?..
    Etc???U can clear it easily ,just be confident and be true to yourself??and to the interviewer?..

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