TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Vel Tech . Chennai-21 Feb 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Vel Tech . Chennai-21 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Friends,

    This is Kalidas.Im from EEE.I had attend my written & tech interview in Veltech. Chennai on 21st Feb. Thanx 4 the support given by u.I had given some tips to prepare 4 the written & interview.. Its my experience.

    1.Written Test ( Online )
    2. Technical
    3. MR Interview

    Written test :

    My written test was through online? There r 3 parts in this section?..  
    A. Verbal Ability ( 32 marks ) : In this Section Synonyms (10Marks) + Antonyms (10Marks) + Two passages each carries 6M (2 X 6 = 12).

    Just go through GRE Barron?s 12th edition . If u don?t have it try to get it or go through other barrons.. No need of mugup all Syn & Ant. Just go through it and be thorough with the model questin paper given backside the book.. Kindly take more interest to study this section because each section has the separate Cut off?This section is tough compared to others?

    B . Aptitude section (38 marks ) :
    Just go through the old question papers.. They r repeating the same?

    C. Critical Reasoning ( 12 marks= 3 passages. Each carries 4 questions.So 3x4=12)
    Refer to GRE 12th edition. I think only 12th edition has this part.

    The following links help u get more abt written?

    Like this many of papers r there in freshersworld. Go through it and finally u will get an idea..

    2. Technical Interview
    My technical interview is very easy? As u r a fresher just be thorough with ur resume.. They r asking just wat u had mentioned in ur resume.. So if u r not familiar with it plz delete frm ur resume.. My interview was one day after my test. Im a 11?O? Clock batch. But t interview was conducted on the same day for 7?o?clock batch.. So be ready 4 both?

    Regarding languages I mentioned only C and C++. So they asked very basic ques frm both. I Studied ?Let Us C? 4 it. And OOPS concepts.So be thorough with ur languages?  

    And one more thing be thorough with ur Project work? Its very very important? And they had asked me to write some programs in C. They  asked  Fibonacci Series program. I wrote it. And then be thorough with ur Area of interest. I mentioned POWER ELECTRONICS and POWER SYSTEM. They asked very basic from both.  Succesfully I had completed my tech and I was a send to MR..

    3.MR Round
    In this they asked both tech and HR. I did well and finally got selected. Hav a look over the company?s profile? And be Confident. Don?t get fear and speak loudly? Refer Old papers given in

    Surely U Will be get selected.. My Best Wishes?. Thank U.

    With Love,

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