TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Vel Tech Avadi-07 Oct 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Vel Tech Avadi-07 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012




     I am gayathri. i attended TCS off campus on oct 7th at vel tech college-Avadi. Let me tell some steps to follow to get into TCS
    1.Prepare Aptitude papers of Previous Papers.
    2.Study Thoroughly Barrons Model Test Paper 1-5.

    I got new words in Synonyms & antonyms thats not from Previous papers. i studied Barrons high frequency word Lists And antonyms exercises given in that book. work critical Reasoning Exercises for more times.. this Will help u to finish the test in time... otherwise u will struggle to finish the test in time.

    1. C : only basic questions were asked. pointers,malloa,calloc and their difference b/w new/delete.
    2.C+&java: Virtual functions, and im asked to write a pgm based on it.
    virtual destructor,Friend functions,Abtract class.
    diff b/w Abstract class (cant create objects)& ordinary class(can create objects) check it!!!!.
    diff b/w c++& java. interfaces.
    is it inheritance useful or not? ans advantage:reusability disadv: ambiguity (multiple inheritance)
    dif of Struct and Class?struct (default public) class (private)
    why java is platform independent??(tel abt Jvm)
    operator overloading.
    reasoning ques during technical: hw many 0's frm 1 -1000., a signed integer which is greater whn added with 1000 than whn multiplied with 1000. 1000+x>1000*x ans 1.
    important thing :: have a clear knowledge about ur projects.  i forgot some questions.

    Then Hr round
    why Tcs?/
    abt bond??
    hw much time  will  u take to learn a new technology??
    strengths and weakness.. hw u overcome he weakness.
    wht do u know about Tcs?
    Be frank while answering here.

    i think these informations are useful to the freshers......believe in hard work...have self confidence..

    All the best to all..
    bye Gayathri

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