TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Sri Siddhartha InstituteOf Technology ,Tumkur-02 Apr 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Sri Siddhartha InstituteOf Technology ,Tumkur-02 Apr 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

    TCS PAPER ON 2nd APRIL 2008

    Hi friends, I am Sankalp  S Rao from SRI SIDDHARTHA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY,TUMKUR. TCS had come for campus recruitment in our campus on April 2 and 3.The written  rounds started at 10:15 am. I was the first to register for TCS in our col. I got my unique loginid and password.The written section consisted of 3 sections with a total duration of 90 min. 

    The written consists of 3 sections  and is an online test of 90 min. It is conducted with Qubex (Quantitative Banking Examination ) Software developed by CMC.You have to open the internet explorer and the QUBEX SOFTWARE window opens. It is just like rediffmail pop up window. So, all students get different set of question papers.On the right side of the Window you have the timer and and question number with the link. The questions will appear in 3 different colours depicting the following 

    Red -- questions not answered.
    Yellow- questions attempted but not answered.
    Green -- questions answered. 

    1) Verbal (10 synonyms,10 antonyms ,1 sentence completion paragraph with 6 blanks and 1 reading comprehension with                       6 questions) ---  32 questions, 20min.
    2) Aptitude section (32 questions ,40 min)
    3) Critical Reasoning questions.(3 Problems with 4 questions on each ie 12 marks )  -- 12 questions,30 min 

    The verbal consisted of 10 synonyms,10 antonyms ,1 sentence completion paragraph with 6 blanks and 1 reading comprehension with questions. Five options will be there for each question. You have to mark the correct one.Some of the words i got were from previous papers and some were new. The reading comprehension was copy paste from GRE BARRONS 12th edition.Be very quick in this section as the reading comprehension and sentence completion are very lengthy. Guys and Gals please mark all the answers as there is no negative marking.If you dont know the answer mark all B's or all A's or all C's for the options. it gives you more probablity of passing the written..

    Quantitative Aptitude
    This section consisted of questions from previous papers with slight modification of data.Practice bar graph, pie charts and Venn diagram.

    Critical Reasoning
    This section consisted of 3 Problems with 4 questions each.This section is copy paste from  GRE BARRON 12TH EDITION.ALL THE 3 PROBLEMS I GOT WERE COPY PASTE FROM BARRONS.I COULD SOLVE THE 3 PROBLEMS IN 4 MIN. I CHECKED THE 3 PROBLEMS 4 TIMES IN THE REMAINING TIME.So friends practice barrons 12th edition problems.if you dont get answers memorise them.the questions and options appeared in the same to same order...

    The results were announced at 7 PM .and we were given TCS RECRUITMENT forms. The next day we had technical round mr and hr round..The technical questions were
    1) diff between 85 and 86?
    2) What is an OS?
    3) Types of OS?  Real time, Multi tasking ,Multiuser,etc
    4) What is normalization?
    5) What are primary , foreign and reference keys?
    6) Can primary foreign and reference keys be given NULL value? primary key null value cannot be given.
    7) What is polymorphism?
    8) Types of polmorphism? run time and compile time polymorphism

    The hr was not conducted due to shortage of panel and time constraints. the mr was easy with only 3 questions
    1) Tell me about yourself?
    2) Where do u see urself in 5 years?
    3) Why TCS? 

    The hr round was cancelled and a group discussion round was arranged.Friends TCS does not have GD. But they conducted gd because of shortage of plz be prepared for that. Just speak something.

    Finally the results were announced at 1030 at night. 85 people got through and ofcourse I got into my dream company TCS..We got the initial selection process letter  from TCS. I am now a TCS associate and proudly say " EXPERIENCE CERTAINTY". 


    MEET YOU IN TCS.......

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