TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   RCC Institute Of Information Technology-15 Mar 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   RCC Institute Of Information Technology-15 Mar 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    appeared:     150
    cleared apti:  50
    selected:       33
    (I think they didnt have any cut off,they were pre-determined to take only top 50 for the interview)
    So we started with PPT,though the person who gave it was really boring,but still pay attention to it.Because you will  be surprised that in interview some questions can be answered from it.

    Next was the apti.

    Guys dont worry,just have to mug up the last year papers and its enough...

    verbal:(32->20 mins)

    even if u mug the whole Barron's there is no sureity in getting all common,so pray to God,but if u cover atleast last year apti and barron's model test paper,surely u will get 7-8 common out of my case I got only 4 common.

    fill in the blanks(6)
    to me it was the hardest part,but the clue is to read the passage carefully,atleast the last 2 sentences befor the blanks.

    may be time will be the factor here,so try to solve the other two parts quickly,for the passage read the question first and then go to the passage.u will find the correponding line according the question.

    quanti:(38->40 mins)

    easiest of the lot,because it was the same ol' questions.but they might play an ol' trick by changing some data.but u r smarter than them I guess.
    it is the best scoring may solve some pie charts from barron's for practice.

    critical reasoning(12->30 mins)

    barron's and only barron's.its all from the 5 model test papers.


    then its time for the nerve cracking episode.......

    key is dont panic,and even if u panic dont give up.fight till the last moment....
    while I was entering the room I saw him looking at me.I gave him a smilling nod.....try to make your first impression gooood.
    me:good afternoon sir...
    int:good afternoon.sit down.
    me:thank you sir.
    int:(looking at my cv and the TCS form for a minute)u r in computer science?
    me:yes sir.(why did u find anything else?)
    int:so u r coming from narendrapur?(a place in kolkata)
    me:yes sir.
    int:so u studied from narendrapur ramkrishna mission?
    me:no sir,I have studied from jadavpur vidyapith.
    int:actually I have studied from there,so I asked u.
    me:u used to live there?
    int:no i live at netaji nagar.
    int:u played for your school cricket team?
    me:yes sir.
    int:r u playing it now?
    me:no sir,i am not playing it now.
    int:ok,tell me why TCS?
    me:(here comes the PPT handy,dont miss even a single chance to oil them and show your genuineness about the company)sir it is the biggest company not only in india but in whole asia.
    int:every student whom i asked is saying this.
    me:sir it is the oldest company in india and sir it is my dream company.and sir many of my seniors have opted for this company over others.
    int:why its your dream company?
    me:sir every fresher seeks security,where he can feel secured,so i think it is the best option for the freshers.
    int:security in terms of what?
    me:(oh!man i didnt prepare it)in monetary terms and learning environment
    int:tcs has fired many last yr and its salary is not more..
    me:but sir it is the company whose growth has not stopped even in recession and i think it is giving more salary than many other companies,so thats not a problem.
    (relieved,my hr is over)
    int:what r ur favourite subjects?
    int:what is stack?
    what is queue?
    int:where these r used?
    int:what r bfs,dfs?
    int:what is avl tree?
    int:how it is balanced?
    int:what is the diffrnce between c and java?
    int:if we make a class private then we wont b able to use it frm outside so why we use it?
    me:said something but wasnt correct
    int:which object in java cannot be changed?
    me:gave an example but was nt right n said sorry sir,i cant remember it
    int:ok u can go.
    me:thank u sir.(he started filling the feedback form,even didnt look at me.being worried i left the room)
    After 4-5 hrs they declared the result....n  i was in the list... i was selected....
    so enjoy the roler-coaster ride,it is abt the mixture of luck and hard work,give ur best shot n pray to god......hope u clear the test....
    c u in TCS.....

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