TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Pune-30 Sep 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Pune-30 Sep 2007

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012


    Hiiiiii guys, this is karunashree 4m Bhoj Reddy Eng. college,Hyd am so happy 2 tell u all tht i got placed in world's no.1 company TCS, it was my one n only dream company. its really easy 2 get thru its rounds 

    thr will b 4 rounds in it
    4)HR(as every1 knows it)

     1st i did words,critical reasoning(provided u got known passages),quants n finally reading comprehension questions 4 quants prepare previous questions thts more than enough. i got 80% 4m previous papers only 2 do well in english u hav 2 mug-up  all antonyms, synonyms and critical reasonin  4m gre 12th Edition ,u hav no other option i attended nearly 14-15 words confidently n i completed  critical reasonin hardly in 5 min coz all 3 paragraphs r 4m gre only n it really saved my lot of time quants took very less time compare 2 wt i expected but it was gud experience n finally i attended compreh'ion passage-i cud'nt do well here 

    as soon as i enter into d room sir ask'd me 2 sit tell abut myself - i introduced myself thn he asked me 2 rate myself on my software skills - i gave 9 in c, 8 in java n 5 in dbms thn he started with java, here he asked abut overriding,static,diff b/w procedure n function(function hav return type n thy return som value also(wt i said))  n so many questions try 2 explain thm wt ever thy ask instead of giving definitions, it shows ur grip in programming in dbms he gave me 1 query related 2 join i cud'nt do it but i tried 4 sm time thn finally i said am not getting finally he asked me write ne sorting program , i took selection sorting n explin'd it it was nearly 45-50 min duration of total tech round but i was correct 2 my rating 

     here sir asked only abut project n paper presentations which i gave b confident while u r answering n dont stammer 

     since i was having 61.48% mam calculated my %, while doing tht only she asked me 2 introduce myself- i did
    mam:  wt is ur ambition
    me:  -  " i want 2 becom a gud programmer"
    mam:  wt r required 2 become gud programmer
    me:  -"gud logical reasoning n gud command on languages bla bla bla
    mam:  still........
    me:   rt now i dont hav complete picture of gud prog'er"
    mam:  who is ceo?
    me: Mr Ramadurai
    mam:  who is chairman?
    me: Mr Ratan Tata 
    mam:  r u ready to locate newhr?
    me:  ya sure mam
    mam:  do u no abut bond?
    me: ya mam 

    n thn she left 4m d cabinshe dint tell nething finallyyyy  i got my name in d final selected list now am so happy tht i got selected in my dream co. u wont believe me tht it was my 1st ever co. which i attended if u r serious abut d co. do belive in urself  do thank god every time u clear d round n dont forget 2 take ur parents blessing b4 u leave 4 interview trust me it really works

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