TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Pune-17 Mar 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Pune-17 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi All, I am Rajesh. I appeared for TCS recruitment exam on 17th March 2007 in Pune. 
    Aptitude test
    was really easy. Just go through the previous paper present in this site. It will be more than sufficient. There are three rounds of interview in TCS. 

    My interview experience:
    Questions were asked from my project as I was fresher. Afterwards there switch on to Digital Circuits & Microprocessor. I was not that good in these subjects as it was so long and I didn't revise them. Then they asked me to rate myself in C. I answered 7/10. Then my interview started on C.
    1. About data types, variables & constants used in C.
    2. Loops, if-else conditions.
    3. Switch operator.
    4. Pointers, Null pointers.
    5. Structures. Diff. b/w structures & unions.
    6. Enumerators.
    and a lot more..........means they asked whole C from me. Afterwards they moved to my core branch (electrical) and some questions were put from that side regarding control systems, machines and others.
    It lasted about 45 mins. Finally I cleared this round.

    After it comes MR round.
    Here he started from my technical knowledge. Asked questions from MATLAB as it was mentioned on my resume. Also some questions from electrical circuits, my projects and a lot of things more from my branch. It takes around 30 mins.

    Finally comes HR round. It was cool. We were just having discussions. As I was doing job as an electrical engineer. She focussed mainly on my current job and reasons to leave it. She told me to draw my complete organization structure and rest of the questions were same as normal HR like why do u want to join TCS, your goal after 5 years, why should we hire you and many more. It also takes around 40 mins.

    Only thing I would like to suggest is to be cool clear with your voice and handle each questions tactfully. Your communication skills do matters. So put more stress on it. As a fresher they don't expect much from u. Prepare one subject fully and pull your interviewer on that subject. Once u clear the technical round rest rounds become easy. In my time HR was just a mere formality. But do remember TCS rejects in HR also. Just be confident that matters rest things will be taken care of by GOD!!!!!!!!

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