TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Pondicherry Engg College-06 Jul 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Pondicherry Engg College-06 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi frens
    This is Ramya from Chemical Engineering Department.I want to share with u my experiences regarding  my online test n interview .
    Online test consisted of 3 sections
    Critical Reasoning

    Regarding aptitude previous yrs question papers are sufficient. Refer Barrons for synonyms,antonyms n if u r lucky enuf may get comprehension also from Barrons 12th/13th editions.

    About critical reasoning which's the most important section to get selected in the online test,i got entirely from Barrons 12th edition . . But in some,  names were changed so be careful while mugging up d  answers. But in some cases  for sections having more than 4 questions they randomly  chose 4 out of dose questions.  so for dose sections mugging up jus d options may end u up in vain.

    Interview( technical+HR)
    I had my interview the next day  around 11 am which lasted for 45-50 minutes..  My panel consisted of 4 members. The panel members were very friendly and made me feel very comfortable.

    The first thing they asked me whether i had my breakfast. Then asked me d routine tell me about urself .i answered n meanwhile dey interrupted n asked me about my family background , my fav director n about d movie i watched last. Then i was asked some questions from organic chemistry like what is common salt n its preparation, formula n structure 4 methane . Then i was asked some questions in electronics lik what is electronics, truth table and asked me draw d truth table for AND gate. Then they just asked me regarding my areas of interest.

    Then they offered me a cup of coffee n asked me about d C programs in my 1st semester. .After dat they gave me one puzzle n asked me solve n explain dem . . i jus tried n got d solution n explained them. He seemed to b much satisfied n said its exact. Then asked me to write a program to find d largest of 3 nos. . I wrote n explained him. Then he asked me what is preprocessor directive, use of semicolon n getch() in C,use of Break n Continue statements.      

    They gave preference to knowing some additional lang like Hindi and asked me regarding dat as i mentioned about it in my resume. They said dat ok den u ll b placed in North places lik Amritsar etc . i was a bit assured wid d kind of their reply. Since i mentioned dat my brother working in TCS in d form dey gave ,dey asked me wat he's working as, what he said about TCS.... Then dey asked me whether i had any location preference ,y switching to IT, my hobbies ...Den finally dey asked  any questions do u ve 4 us.. i asked dem whether any relevance of our chemical subjects with d IT field v r going to work in. They jus said ya der's but  minimum chances 4 it n v cant assure u and asked me whether i had any objection to work in complete IT oriented field. .i said No... Then dey wished me All d best...

    Now i feel proud to b a member of TCS. . Frens don get panic n be confident cos our attitude counts. . one more thing i want to share is if u r offered a cup of coffee,pls do go n thrw t in d dustbin nearby after havin it...cos it shows our behaviour n t may also b noticed...

    K frens All d best n C u in TCS sooon...  

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