TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Not Specified-04 2004

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Not Specified-04 2004

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    Aptitude test :

    1.if the word 'ddosszm' is changed to 'central' then what will be the change for 'rtjbl' ?

    2.what is the largest prime number in 8 digit number?

    3.the word unimpressive was given.they asked us to do change 1st & 2nd,3rd & 4th,so on.then they asked what will be 10th letter from right? 

    4.the plane question was took off from 7 degree 53' 6.1'' and landed at 8 degree 6' 43.5''.it takes 12 hours to travel between these points.then what will be local time at destination ?[just follow previous ques paper the problem was same

    5.g[0]=1,g[1]=-1,g[n]=2*g[n-1]-3*g[n-2] then calculate g[4]= ?

    6.the series was asked : 5,6,7,8,10,11,14,..?

    7.they asked the temperature was same as previous papers.the ratio was -t*t/6+4t+12.

    8.the ques on a man,a woman and a boy finish work together in 6 takes 10 days,woman takes 24 days then how much boy will take? 
    ans:40 days

    8.the matrix of a(7,9) was given.the address of the first byte of a(1,1) takes 4 bytes to store the nuymber.then calculate the address of the last byte of a(5,8)

    .9.the program requires 4000(n)1/2 [ie square root of n].if size of program was increased by 1% then calculate the percentage change in size of program.

    10.modulo(373,7)+round(5.8)+truncat(7.2)-round(3.4) = ?
    i exactly don't remember the truncate function.but the function was where we skip the '.' part.
    ans : 12

    11.the bucket size is takes 0.0001 KB/milisec to fill bucket.the bucket takes 100 or 1000 milisec to reach to takes 100 milisec to pass acknowledgement from dest to calculate how much time will it take to pass N KB ,write formula.
    i don't remember the exact figures of bucket transmission time from source to dest

    12.the graph was given.the x and y axes were there.the line is intersecting them.the points of intersection were y=3,x=0 and x=-2,y=0.write the equation of line.

    13.the decimal number was was converted to other system.they asked to identify the 
    system.i.e. octal,hexadecimal.

    14.they asked us to match the pairs.they were like,
    basmati-wheatnot type of

    15.the paragraph was was on associations and the example of lecturer was there in para.
    we have to fill the 6 sentences from given options in the para.for me all sentences were looking same.
    the analytical part was easy.just do previous papers they did not change pattern at all.only synonyms and antonyms were changed.time is the big factor in this paragraph read it fast.i failed there.psychometry test was 

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