TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   NIT Durgapur-26 Mar 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   NIT Durgapur-26 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi guys, I am Debanjan from NIT Durgapur.I am from chemical engineering department.Tcs came to campus on 26th march and picked up 202/352 students.But mind you,guys......the whole process which we had to undergo during the 3 days was such we never expected.TCS probably took the toughest selection procedure in recent times.some of  the students had technical interview as long as 1 and half was also quite gruelling........and it was totally unpredictable......for some of them hr was taken along with technical.....mine was 45 min hr+ tech interview....i am giving an excerpt 

    Me : Good evening sir,
    I : good evening.......plz sit down
    Me: Thanks a lot sir
    I : you seem to be a cool dude
    Me: (didnt expect) sir, its the same debanjan you r seeing who is with his friends
    i: tell me abt urself
    me : told
    i: do you believe in god?
    me :yes
    i : define god
    me : gave...was quite satisfied
    i: state the zeroth ,first,second law of thernodyanamics
    me :explained in a  flash
    i : ok..tell me the capital of estonia and peru
    me : gave the ans
    i : v good...what do you think of obama?
    me : gave sume fundas abt obama and us presidential elections
    i : you seem to have good general knowledge
    me: thank you sir
    i : draw a distillation column
    me  : drawn efficiently
    i: who is dalailama....asked abt tibet vs china
    me : fumbled.......but gave the ans
    i : i am very impressed....but u ahve got low cgpa..
    me : i was prepared for this....i gave an instant reply
    i: satisfied....u r bengali right?
    me : yes sir..
    i : what is the percentage of bengali speaking peiople in the world
    me : there was no way i cud have answered that...just said....i cannot reacll the number sir
    i : he gave the ans....and then suddenly....why tcs
    me : i thought it was a technical....but still gave the ans..
    i : and then from no where..what is faradys law of electrolysis
    me : somehow i managed...but not completely correct...
    i : why should i take you as u dont know c and u r from core branch
    me : gave a satisfactory and
    i: are you feeling bored
    me : i didnt say"not at all"....i just said i am tensed
    i: why are u tensed....u have answered..teh ques
    me: sir,,,this is a very important day of my life
    i : why is it important?
    me : sir it will be my first step towards being  a proffessional..
    i : he in a flash gave me a piece of paper...write 10 points now which a proffessional should have...and list out which u have and dont have at this point
    me : i took time intentionally....wrote the points...
    i : r u mobile
    me : sure sir.......i can adjust in any part of the world
    i : that means u can adjust in alaska also
    me : why not....if tcs opens a branch there?
    i: very clever
    me: no sir,very honest
    i : laughed....ok do hv any ques?
    me : sir what is this six sigma thing
    i : explained very well
    me: thank u very much was nice meeting yoy
    i: u welcome

    so this was the total thing......and it was also very hot......but still i got selected......i m happy for of luck for others.,...bye

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