TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   N.B.K.R.I.S.T, Vidyanagar-16 May 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   N.B.K.R.I.S.T, Vidyanagar-16 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012

    TCS PAPER ON 16th MAY 

    Hi Friends! I`m Nikitha  from  N.B.K.R. I`hav attended the company on 16th May. The selection process went upto 18th.On 16th I cleared written n I hav been said to b there in the college on 17th by 10a.m to attend technical. But to my wonder I got the call by 10p.m. I completed my Tech,M.R n H.R by 11:30.Next day they hav announced the results n thank god,I hav been selected. Here  are a few  suggestions  which I think  will  help u.
    In TCS Pattern there are  5  rounds depending on the xam whether it is on campus or off campus.

    The rounds are:
    1.Written (Verbal,Analytical,Critical)
    4.Managerial Round(M.R)

    Our`s is on campus. So, we didn`t  have  the 2nd  test. Now coming for preparation, for 1st one u need search on net. There are so many papers available. The same questions will be repeated for aptitude. Coming for verbal part
    u can prepare Barron`s high frequency words if u can. But I think every one will be running after the time as we will prepare during  the nick of time.Some of the words in Verbal  may also repeat from previous  papers.No problem even if we fail to attempt well in this section, bcz  there is no sectional cut off.

    IMP:     Critical Section decides the fate in written.To get through this section preparation is must. For this getting through the model papers in 12 or 13th Edition of Barron`s is enough. In these papers a para will be given n some ques will be askd based on the given para. plz don`t confuse b/n reading comprehension n this. U will get the same ques that are present in the model papers with options. So, prepare well.

    In all the remaining rounds they will test ur confidence n fluency. They may some times ask u small questions but u should be cautious n answer them what ever u know.Better u be prepare with Microprocessors if u r from ECE background. In Technical they are basically testing whether we know basics in C n how to write progs in C.

    Be thorough about what u have written in ur resume.You should be prepared for the questions like

    1. Tell me about ur self
    2. About ur hobbies
    3. Ur Strengths
    4. Do u want us any questions.( U hav to ask him abt the company)
    5. Why only TCS
    6. Why do u prefer software job?
    7. Coming 2 C,basics like what is a ptr,array,union,strings. Their differences.They hav asked me to write progs in Strings.

    Don`t miss preplacement talk.My final suggestion is The  more are the papers u read, the more are the chances for u to be placed.Ok friends I wish u gud luck. Meet u in TCS.

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