TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   M.V.G.R.College Of Engg.-20 May 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   M.V.G.R.College Of Engg.-20 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012

    TCS PAPER ON 20th MAY 

    Hi friends... this is sandeep.p  studying  III  ece  OUT of 370 students they selected 45

    it  consists of 4 rounds written consists of three sections..
    1.verbal(10 synonyms,10 antonyms,sentence completion,reading comprehension)
    2.general aptitude(38 que.    all are from previous papers)
    3.critical reasoning(3 passages from   gre barron's 12th edition) 

    Technical interview :
    1.tell about your favourite subject for 1 minute
    2.explain multitasking?   
    3.what are sorting techniques?
    4.Five numbers were given and asked me to arrange using heap sort?
    5.write code for fibonacii series
    6.what is bus length of 8086?

    Managerial review:
    1.what is avalanche breakdown?
    2.what is min no.of cuts for the cake to become 8 parts?
    3.what is the position in ur class?
    and some casual questions..

    HR interview:
    1.tell me about urself
    2.why TCS?
    3.strengths and weakness objective? 

    the results were declared on the day of hr interview  I   GOT   SELECTED  ................
     ALL THE BEST....

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