TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Mumbai-29 Sep 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Mumbai-29 Sep 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi! Friends I had given a written exam of tcs at 29 September in Thakur college of Engg. & Tech. Mumbai &then got a call for interview on 6th of  oct. at tcs office , and just want to share an experience with u all .
    The written test had 3 sections Verbal, Quantitative and critical sections , in all 80 questions were there, cutoff  was 50, all questions were from Barrons , So plz friends  Stu dy Barrons , last 5 model papers , u will get through.

    Interview was conducted on 6 th October, there were 2 people in each panel, but  when I appeared for interview  there were 2  people  in my panel, after arnd 5 min.3rd person came and joined of them was lady,They started with

    1-Tell me abt ursel
    2-Family background
    3-What is O.S?
    4-How os interacts with the hardware devices?  Answered!
    5-Wht are Device Drivers? I  told him the basic wrking of device drivers.
    6-Wht is DNS? Answered!
    7-Wht happens when u type url on webbrowser?
    I was nt vry sure abt the answer, So I told him first tht im nt vry sure abt the answer,  gave him the explanation Abt the question.
    8-Wht happens when u type give dot?.? After ?com?
    I said it shd give an error, but he told me it doesn?t give any error.
    Then second  lady iteviewer started with the questions
    9- What is linked list?
    10-What is double linked list?
    11-Why double linked list?
    12-Asked  me to draw structure of linked kist I explained it with dgm and pgm stmt , in detail
    13-wht r trees? Explained
    14-difference between trees and linked list? Explained
    15-Application of linked list? Told
    Then third person started:
    16- He asked me about my project, - I explained
    17- hw did u come to this topic?
    18- wht all difficulties u faced?   I told them
    19- Do u hv any constraints  on to travel out of India and will u ready to work anywhere in India?
    20-What would be ur carrer options except computer engineering
    21-If u r selected for Tcs, hw will u contribute to growth of TCS?
    22-What r ur fields of interest to wrk with?

    After all these questions they asked me the preferences for job locations.And then I finished with my technical.
    My interview was taken almost for half an hour, but friends just be confident, polite, and answer questions honestly,say humble No if u dnt know the answer for questions.After the interview I was called for HR interview.
    There they gave us Form , we had to fill it , and then they called us for interview.
    My HR interview was not taken by any panel, It was taken by the one of the coordinator,

    Sir-He told me as my interview was taken by 3 people ,He was supposed to take the interview.
    Then he asked me to tell one incident in ur life from which u have learnt the most?
    ME- I answered!
    Sir-Can u stay alone that is away from ur home?
    Me- I said yes, and gave sm explanation.
    Sir ? Do u believe in planning the things or jst go on doing it?why?
    Me- I said, I believe in planning the things.
    Then he told me about the bond period, and told me to ask any questions if u have. I asked him about training  period , locations.
    Friends the main factor in interview is to always make an Eye contact, +ve attitude, confidence


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