TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   LIET Eng. College ,Alwar(RAJASTHAN)-02 Mar 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   LIET Eng. College ,Alwar(RAJASTHAN)-02 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends by GOD'S grace ,blessings of my parents n due to freshers world now i m placed in TCS.... i m student of MODY INSITTUTE OF TECHNOLOGY N SCIENCE (LAKSHMANGARH). my branch is computer science n engineering.our package is 3.15 lacs P.A.TCS had invited our coll' at LIET,ALWAR out of 211 194 r selected in apti, (as ques were all frm the previous test papers on freshers world)finally 129 got selected.....

     the events r as follows:
    1. PPT
    3 TI
     4 HR
    5 MR

    some students have 2 interviews,some have 3 very few have 4 int.... i had 3 int.(guys beware as der is a rejection panel in TCS )

    1PPT ..... do listen carefully as in hr they may ask ques frm ppt also ...... mine ques was (WHT 2 PTS DO U LIKE MOST IN PPT?)

    2.APTITUDE...(NO NEGATIVE MARKING , BUT DER MIGHT B SECTIONAL CUT OFF) in VERBAL , der r 10 synonyms n 12 antonyms(go through high frequency words(BARRON'S GRE ABNY EDITION) as most r frm this but der r diff words also so it all depends on ur voc. der r 2 comprehension passages...(20 MINUTES) in QUANT ques. r from previous paper from this site only (DO ANUJ GUPTA'S PAPER HE HAS COVERED ALL D QUES.)but guys dont mug up d ans as some times digits r changed der is one ques. frm DI(RS aggarwal) n frm venn diag(like they will give u d diag n ask ques frm data shown in d diag.) in CRITICAL REASONING go through BARRON's 12th edition (ANALYTICAL ABILITY), especially go through d ques specified in ANUJ GUPTA'S PAPER (mug all d answers but b prepare for other ques also in my case der is one quest frm barron n 2 other ques r not repeated but these ques r easy n u can do it by urself if u had practiced 2-3 ques) test paper was online after every ans click on d subbmit button u ccan change ur option if u r in d same section take care of ur time n if der is less time do mark d ques. as der is no negative marking..........

    3.TI as i 'm cs student he asked ques. frm c++,java n software engineering in c++ CALL BY VALUE ,CALL BY REFERENCE,OVERLOADING (ASK TO WRITE CODE ALSO) GIVEN A PATTERN N ASKED TO WRITE A CODE ASKED TO PRINNT DIS SER.1+25+100.....(upto 100th term) in java also asked to write code for overloading n overriding ask abt my project(go through ur project u shld know d dfds, code n lang which u have used) y TCS???(dis ques. is asked in both my ti as well as in my hr do prepare dis ques...n it shld not b stereotyped) total revenue of TCS, any recent news abt tcs, current rankin' , no. of employees,etc

    4 HR as i'm frm MP n studin in RAJ (ques abt d diff bte 2 places ,wht u will do in 2 months b4 joinin' TCS,y TCS,y shld we select u?? ceo ,cfo,coo of tcs,color of website of tcs, chairman of tcs, founder of tcs...

    5.MR ask abt my home town for wht it is famous for, abt ur family, y we shld select u, ask abt my variation in marks frm 12 to the current CGPA dey also asked the G.K like PM of India, vice president of india, president, agriculture minister, governor of ur respective state(so plz go through this also NOTE:for interview go thru tcs website thoroughly n mug up all d relevant facts.........


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