TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Kolkata-9 Feb 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Kolkata-9 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

    TCS PAPER ON 9th FEBRUARY 2008  (One of the Premier Colleges in Kolkata )

    hello frnds,  The recent tcs selection process consists of 2 procedures:-
    1>online aptitude test

    now to discuss about both:-
    1>online apti:--- this part consisted of 3 sections...verbal(25 q/s,20 mins),quantative(38 q/s,40 mins) and critical reasoning(12 q/s,30 mins).....u hav to start wid the verbal section first......its compulsory..........and aftr every time limit....the current section automatixcally vanishes and the next section comes keep and i on the time...there is no upper/sessional cut off...and the total cut off is around 50-60%....
    for the verbal part,i would suggest evrybody to leave it  on luck.....i had jst 1 antonym common.....and i gt the time 2 finish jst 1 passage out of  2....for all the rest q/s i marked "c".....later i found out that 5 were correct....luck as u may say it:) for the quantitive rasoning...i wud suugest..practise and practise sums like...time and work,ratio,percentage,etc.....first try to attmpt q/s that u knw and can answer....i did 28 put of 38 and the rest i marked "c"like before ....  for the critical reasoning i wud again suggest you to the sum carefully and create blocks/graph to represnt the sum....answer the q/s seeing the block /graph....i think i got 10 q/s correct........  out of 180......146 cleared the apti(leaving out the 4 from the automobile dept...they usually dnt take aue/me)

    2>hra+technical:-----the q/s were simple and basic TECHNICAL:-
    for cse& it
    os:----basic command from linux, defn of (os,kernel,critical section,semaphore,paging,deadlock,cpu scheduling etc)
    java:----defn and example(oop,encapsulation,abstsraction,inheritance,polymorphism,overloading and overridding)
    c&c++:--explaination of(array,pointer,function,structure,union,linked list,stact,queue,tree,double linked list,circular queue(wid,etc)
    rdbms:-simple queries(select,update,create,drop,where,etc)
    programs:-max in an array,factorial,fibbonacci,string reverse,creation,deletion and traversal of linked list)   
    for ece:-
    they ased q/s from microprocessor,dld,etc

    q/s were like:---intoduce yourself,why tcs,why shud i hire you,hobbies,etc        
    i think for all....maintain eye contact wid them throughout the interview,keep ur confidence intact,be simple and honest,and try to be fluent in english...dats alll they r seeing

    out of 146...90 got selected ...........

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