TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   JNTU Kakinada-03 Jun 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   JNTU Kakinada-03 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Frnds i got selected in tcs just  becoz of only.thanxs  to this site and frnds read all previous papers and i got aptitude same as previous papers just they changed the data.

    1.question on coding,decoding.
    2.usual question on they give the address of (1,1) and ask to find  out (8,7) like that.
    3.they gave the bucket problem(refer previous papers)
    4.power unit is there ,such type of problem. many b's are followed by c's which dont follow d's like that 
    6.which is not the power of 2,3,4 etc
    7.question on bits like a=10010   b=001001 c=100100 ask to find out aU(bUC) etc
    8.pick the odd one out.

    other questions on venn diagrams and data interpretation for this refer barrons 12 edition but not compulsory. for this section old papers is more than need of R.S.AGRAWAL.but know the procedure rather than remembering answers.

    this the most important part and often students confuse what to read.for this section read all antonyms and synonyms listed at the end of each word list.they are abt 750 and read all those.also read antonym exercise given separately in the barrons ,it is same in all will be sufficient. then abt reading comprehensions  read R.C. exercise in the barrons.i was given  "observe the dilemma of fungus..."

    this the most important section and often students neglect this .but dont neglect this section this is very very important.for this do all exercises in the five model papers in the barrons 12 edition ,dont leave any  question,if dont get answer just buttify them,but dont leave any.
    thanQ  very much


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