TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Durgapur-1 Feb 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Durgapur-1 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi  friends I appeared for TCS written test on Feb 1.I want to share my experience how i was placed in TCS.
    Total  student -211
    Aptitude cleared -145
    Finally selected -90 

    There are 3 sections in online test.
    Verbal Section-Synonyms, Antonyms,
    For this section u prepare GRE Barrons 12th or 13th edition. just u mug up those 750 words(50 word lists). Plus a passage. Total 20 number,20 mins.
    It is virtually impossible to mug up all the syno, anto.So just keep guessing. No negative marks, so attempt all. I prepared 250 syno, anto and I only get 3 common. So don?t waste time to prep this section.

    Quantitative Aptitude- 40 Q's
    This section is very easy.For this just prepare previous question is more than enough .This is the section u will have to score. Out of 40 be sure attend over 30.This year TCS also have included venn diagram, bar graph. So prep well.

    Critical Reasoning - 3 passages
    prepare all the 5 model papers given in the GRE Barron's 12th or 13th edition. you will get all the 3 passages from that only.
    For us there was no sectional cut off , so it is easy to clear the test if u r thorough with aptitude and critical reasoning. Our result was declared on october 19th and Interview date was scheduled on october 27th. I would suggest u to go through 20 questions. They always repeat this q again and again. So prepare well.

    Go through them in GRE Barron's 12th or 13th edition. Sure you will get maximum 2 out 3.
    Model test 1:Section5 - qns 1-4, qns 13-16
                        Section6 - qns 1-4 , qns 8-11, qns 12-18 , qns 19-22
    Model test 2:Section1 - qns 19-22
                        Section6 - qns 8-12 , qns 13-16 , qns 17-22
    Model test 3:Section6 - qns 1-4
    Model test 4:Section5 - qns 8-11, qns 19-22
                        Section6 - qns 8-12 , qns 13-16 , qns 17-22
    Model test 5:Section3 - qns8-11, qns 19-22
                        Section7- qns 1-5, qns 21-25

    Technical Interview 
    HR Interview

    I was the last person of my panel. It consist of 2 people, and another one joined latter.

    SIR 1-Introduce yourself.
    ME-Bla bla bla. Explained I am a good sports man and team player.
    SIR 2-What u do if someone 4rm your team doesn?t want to play with u?
    SIR 3-Take my certificates.
    SIR 1-Why want to join IT sector being a ECE student?
    SIR 2-Do u know Digital communication?
    SIR 2-How can we convert analog signal  to digital signal.
    ME-Explained with diagram.
    SIR 2-How can we minimize the error while converting?
    SIR 1-What subject you have in last semester?
    SIR 1-What is Computer organization?
    SIR 2-What do you have read in Microprocessor?
    ME-Told briefly.
    SIR 1-Asked some simple questions in C.
    SIR 3-Do you have any q to ask?
    ME-What is the market conditions of TCS as IT market is going down.
    SIR 3-Explained nicely., Asked I have any problem to relocate?
    ME-Not a tall.

    Then  I shook hands to everybody.

    1.Eye contact
    2.Good communication skill.
    3.Always give a gentle smile

    I knew that I would get the job, still when result was declared I was relieved.
    Best of luck to all of u??..

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