TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   CRR Coll.of Engg.,Andhrapradesh-25 Aug 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   CRR Coll.of Engg.,Andhrapradesh-25 Aug 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends this is viswanath from sir crr college of engineering, eluru, Andhra Pradesh. The two sections of tcs selection process consists of 
    1.written test
    2.interview: it consists of three rounds 
    a. technical, 
    b. managerial and 
    c. hr

    Written test is online. Again the written exam is divided in three parts:
    1) Verbal
    2) Aptitude
    3) Critical reasoning 

    Verbal consists of 10ANTONYMS, 10SYNONYMS and 2 comprehensive passages some what difficult.

    Aptitude test consists of 40 questions, you can answer 38 to 40 questions if you prepare previous paper questions: you can get the most repeated questions gathered in chetanas world. Hence iam not mentioning any questions here.

    Critical reasoning I have not prepare any thing but I came to know those questions are from gre barrons 12th and 13th editions 

    Coming to the Technical round they asked my subject(ece) and a small program in c that is to reverse the given number. And the same question in microprocessor assembly language. I thoroughly explained the program in c as well as in assembly language code and next he examined my resume and asked about paper presentations and hobby project done at that time.After that he asked about my family members, then my tr round has completed.

    In MR round there is only one person and he again asked me to explain paper presentation and hobby project and then he asked me how would I complete the task given to me. I answered it by routine explanation with that my TR round also completed.

    In HR round also there is only one person he asked me to show my marklists and then asked me to talk about confidence for a minute. The hr will try to tense you, be cool and just answer his questions.

    The next day the results were announced total 65 students are selected and I am one among them.

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