TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Bhilai-08 Feb 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Bhilai-08 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

    TCS PAPER ON 8th MARCH 2008

    Hi TCS came to my college in feb and I m glad that now I m a part of TCS. I m giving here some important tips to prepare for TCS.


    As u might know that there are three rounds





    Again Written contains following sections:-


    10 Antonyms

    10 Synonyms

    For Antonyms refer barron?s 12th edition Antonyms chapter pg no.126 and all the antonyms ques given in model test papers.

    I got all the ques from these only.

    For Synonyms refer the exercise given after the GRE high frequency word list.

    Reading Comprehension & Sentence Completion:-For this prepare all passages given in the chapter for RC in barron n all passages from the model test paper.

    I got the dilemma of fungus for sentence completion n ?the works of dozens of women writers? n the passage abt ?Du Bois? for rc


    2.Qunatitaive Aptitude:

    Prepare the previous year ques most of them are same.Here I m giving only those ques which I felt where diff
    1. The same matrix one in which u have to find the address of given element but in column wise manner.
    2. if f(n)=f(n-1)*n and f(0)=1.find f(4)
    Then there were ques on venn diag which same as previous year ques but I don?t remember


    3.Critical Reasoning:

    For this section just mug up all the ques given in the model test papers of barron 12th edtion. After clearing the written test u r called for tech interview.  Friends the trick to clear tech n hr is to be confident n always have a smiling face no matter how long u r waiting for chance


    My tech was as follows:

    1st they asked me tell abt urself.Then they asked microprocessors I have studied as I m from cs I had 8085 in my course.They asked me how many pins r there in 8085 n to draw its pin diag.As I was drawing it they interrupted me asked to draw the block diag of 8085.Then they asked some basic ques on it like what is sp(stack ptr)etc.Then they asked me to wap in assembly lang to swap data stored in two reg.

    Then they asked me to wap two perform bubble sort n asked some basic ques frm that prog written in c.

    They asked abt my training.There ques on dbms,os they asked me what we had studied in these subjs n asked ques according to my ans.

    After this very soon I was called for hr round.

    There was one sir one mam

    1st of all mam asked me are u nervous?i said no.To this sir said she is nervous.Well then

    Sir asked me to tell me abt urself then mam asked to tell abt my family background.

    Then sir asked my strengths then asked ques on it.

    He gave me situations to judge my sterngths n confidence.

    Then he asked me basic qualities for a person to be successful.

    He asked me the most important problem of my state n I was cm of my state how will I over come it.

    Then he said he will ask one last ques from tech n asked abt data encapsulation.

    He again asked me if m nervous.

    Then mam asked me if I m ready to work anywhere

    And then abt the bond n any ques if I want to ask.  


    So this was my experience.Friends just be confident n always keeping praying bcoz God always listens n luck also matters a lot.I always thank god for my selection.





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