TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -25 Sep 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -25 Sep 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Part I    English Synonyms etc.   34 Bits
    Part II Arthimatic                     32 Bits
    Part III Critical Reasoning         12 Bits

    Total   78 Bits  2 Hours Duration.Part Part III and I are Multiple Choice Questions and Part II is filling up the Blanks model.If your choice is B among A, B, C, D then put a cross mark on B.

    PART I   English Synonyms & Passages           34 Bits
    Nearly 20 Bits on Synonyms:
    Please go through Barrons GRE book  -> High Frequency Words List (especially all words starting with A and C.)
    Next two passages are given consisting of some underlines in between. Below passage, its given some (7-8) sentences. We have to choose the correct sentence and put it in the appropriate blank in the main passage. Passage 1 is on Mind Power (8 blanks)
    Passage 2 is on Investing Shares in the Companies (6 Blanks)

    Part II  Arithmetic - 20 Bits

    1. 5,6,7,8,10,11,14?

    A         1          0          0          1          0          0          0          1
    B          0          1          1          0          1          0          1          0
    C         1          0          0          1          0          1          1          0
    (AuB)nC = ?   [(A union B) intersection C =?]

    3. Find the Odd word.
    Java, Lisp, Smalltalk, Eiffel 
    (One more question of same type - Odd man out)

    Year     95     96       97            98        99   
    Members 100   1          70        10        50    
    i ) Which year has maximum members growth?
    Two more questions on this. Please go Through Barons GRE data interpretation problems

    5.In Madras ,temperature at noon varies according to   -t^2/2 + 8t + 3  (READ as: -t square /2 +...), where t is elapsed time. Find how much temp. More or less in 4pm to 9pm. (May be we can solve it by Definite Integration. Check any way)

    6.A man, a woman, and a child can do a piece of work in 6 days. Man only can do it in 24 days. Woman can do it in 16 days and in how many days child can do the same work? (Numbers are not correct. Problem model is important)

    7.What is the highest prime number that can be stored in a 8-bit microprocessor?

    8.In which of the system 384 is equal to 1234? (Numbers are not correct. Important is only problem model)

    9.If D_MUQZM is coded as CENTRAL then RBDJK can be coded as ---------

    10.The size of a program is N. And the memory occupied by the program is given by M = square root of 100N. If the size of the program is increased by 1% then how much memory now occupied?

    11.French, English, German                                                                                                                
    1.How many more or less speak English than French?
    2.What % people speak all the three languages?
    3.What % people speak German but not English?

    12. The size of the bucket is N KB. The bucket fills at the rate of 0.1 KB per millisecond. A programmer sends a program to receiver. There it waits for 10
    Milliseconds. And response will be back to programmer in 20 milliseconds.Based on above information one question is there.

    13.  A power unit is there by the bank of the river 750 mts. A cable is made from power unit to power a plant opposite to that of the river at 1500mts. The cost of the cable below water is Rs. 15/- per meter ansd cost of cable on the bank is Rs. 12/- per meter.Based on above information one question is there.

    14. Mtch the following.
    i.   brother - sister                     a. Part of
    ii.  alsecian - dog                       b. Sibling
    iii. sentence - paragraph            c. Type of
    iv.                                            d.

    15.  If the vertex (5,7) is placed in the memory. First vertex (1,1) 's address is 1245 and then address of  (5,7) is ----------

    16.  A Planar solid cube contains how many vertices, how many corner points and how many faces?

    17.  Which of the equation satisfies the graph? 4 equations given.                                                                                                                                                                
    18.  Square of the <<term>> is directly proportional to the cube of the <<another term>> . If the <<term>> is  'a' and <<another term>> is 'b' then which one is correct?
    4 options given like a square / b cube =const.

    Part III Critical reasoning          4 passages and each 3 questions.
    Passage 1 :  Barrons GRE Analytical Ability ->Practice Excercise  questions 7-11. ( passage is :  The office staff of the XYZ corporation.....) In 1996 edition page number 377.Any way I am giving the passage for those who do not have Barron?s book.

    The office staff of the XYZ Corporation presently consists of three bookkeepers (A, B and C) and five secretaries (D, E, F, G, and H). Management is planning to open a new office in another city using 3 secretaries and 2 bookkeepers of the present staff. To do so they plan to seperate certain individuals who do not function well together. The following guidelines were established to set up the new office.

    1. Book keepers A and C are constantly finding fault with one another and should not be sent as a team to the new office.
    2. C and E function well alone but not as a team. They should be seperated.
    3. D and G have not been on speaking terms for many months. They should not go together.
    4. Since D and F have been competing for promotion, they should not be a team.

    Questions :
    1. If A is to be moved as one of the book keeper which of the following CANNOT be a possible working unit?
    a. ABDEH    b. ABDGH   c. ABEFH     d. ABEGH   e. ABFGH        
    ANS) b                       

    2. If C and F are moved to the new office , how many combinations are possible?
    a. 1         b.2    c.3       d. 4      e. 5     
    ANS) a

    3. If C is sent to new office, which member of the staff CANNOT go with C?
    a. B         b. D  c. F      d. G     e. H                 
    ANS) b

    4. Under the guidelines developed, which of the following MUST go to the new office?
    a. B   b. D       c. E      d. G     e. H                             
    ANS) a

    5. If D is going to the new office which of the following is/are true?
    I. C  cannot go
    II. A cannot go
    III. H must also go
    a. I only
    b. II only
    c. I and II only
    d. I and III only
    e. I, II, III
    NOTE : Question paper contains project leads and programmers not book keepers and secretaries.

    Passage 2 :  Barrons GRE Analytical Ability ->Practice Exercise  questions 14-17. In 1996 edition page number 377.After months of talent searching for an administrative assistant to the president of the college the field of applicants has been narrowed down to five (A,B,C,D and E). It was announced that finalist would be chosen after a series of all-day group personal interviews were held. The examining committee agreed upon the following procedure.
    1. The interviews will be held once a week.
    2. Three candidates will appear at any all-day interview session.
    3. Each candidate will appear atleast once.
    4. If it is necessary to call applicants for additional interviews, no more than one such applicant should be asked to appear the next week.
    5. Because of the details in the written applications, it was agreed that whenever candidate B appears, A should also be present.
    6. Because of the travel difficulties, it was agreed that C will appear for only one interview.

    1. At the first interview, the following candidates appear: A, B and D. Which of the following combinations can be called for the interview to be held the next week?
    a. BCD            b. CDE           c. ABE        d. ABC        e. ADE      
    ANS) b

    2. Which of the following is a possible combinations for  interviews in two consecutive interviews?
    a. ABC ; BDE
    b. ABD; ABE
    c. ADE; ABC
    d. BDE; ACD
    e. CDE; ABC
    ANS) c

    3. If A, B and D appear at the interviw and D is called for additional interview the following week, which the two candidates  may be asked to appear with D?
    I.    A
    II.   B
    III.  C
    IV.  E
    a.  I and II
    b.  I and III only
    c.  II and III only
    d.  II and IV only
    e.  III and IV only

    4. Which of the following correctly state(s) the procedure followed by the search committee?
    I.  After the second interview, all appicants have appeared atleast once.
    II. The committee sees each applicant a second time.
    III. If a third session is held it is possible fir akk applicants to appear atleast twice.
    a. I only
    b. II only
    c. I and II only
    d. III only
    e. I and III only
    ANS) a

    Passage 3 is  some thing like this. There are swimmers J,K,L,M,N,O,P and different conditions given. Passage 4 is like . A former planted trees in 4X4 rows. No of plant varieties are 6. Like red, green etc. Questions based on these arrangements.

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