TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -22 Sep 2006

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -22 Sep 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012

    9/23/205 TCS
    Apti pattern:
    There were 5 series of papers : v,w,x,y,z. The paper had the usual 3 sections:
    1. Verbal :
    10 antonyms,10 synonyms, passage,fill in the blank with sentences. The synonyms were really tough (& were not a repeat of earlier ones except 1/2) & so was the fill in the sentences passage.The passage was on a vague topic. It took lots of my time but finally I solved it.
    Tip to everyone: Plz prepare this section the most & allot it a bit more time too. It is even harder than the CAT verbal section actually. Go thru Barrons 13th repeatedly.
    2. Quanti & Logical :
    This was easier. Around 50% questions were repeated. There were the problems of the latitude & longitude, temperature, probability, highest std deviation amongst the given, etc.
    Some questions which I remember:
    1. If a student scores GPA in his semester & year as given below then calculate his GPA for 3 year:
    Sem: 2.4,3.14?.
    Year: 1.3,1.9??
    (the figures r not exact.)

    2.Match the following: Cow 1. a type of
    Mammal 2. a superset of
    2 more cases given
    3. In a mixture, R is 2 parts and S is 1 part. In order to make S to 25% of the mixture, how much of R is to be added?
    Ans.One part of R
    4. With a 4/5 full tank a vehicle can travel 12 miles, how far can it travel with a 1/3 full tank Ans. 5 miles
    5. A moves 3 kms east from his starting point . He then travels 5 kms north. From that point he moves 8 kms to the east.How far is A from his starting point? Ans. 13 kms
    6. 3 angles or 3 sides r given.Which will form a triangle?

    7. units of basic quantities :
    (energy * time * time )/(mass * dist) = distance

    8.?$? is for doubling the value ?%? is for change of sign then what is the value
    $%5-%%$3+$6??.A long ex-pression similar to this one.

    9. R-rounding off, M-modulus, T-truncate M(893,10)+r( )+t( ) is asked

    10.vertices edges and surfaces of a cube Ans-8,12,6
    11.Questions on General computer awareness
    Pick the odd one?..
    1.http 2.arp 3.snmp 4.baan Ans-baan
    1.linux NT 3.sql server 4.Unix Ans-Sql server
    ( 2 more) many Y?s r followed by F and not preceded by Z

    13. largest prime no. in 8 bit computer. Ans: 251

    14.e power x curves : note that the values were changed.

    15. Coding decoding of words like if something is coded as this then how will u code this(like that)

    16. In the word organizational, if the first and second ,
    third and forth ,forth and fifth, fifth and sixth
    words are interchanged up to the last letter, what
    would be the tenth letter from right?

    17. In a two-dimensional array, X(9,7), with each
    element occupying 4 bytes of memory, with the address
    of the first element X(1,1) is 3000, find the address
    of X(8,5).

    18. A FILE IS TRANSFERRED FROM A PLACE TO ADESTINATION CAPABLE OF 10 KB. THEY GIVEN SOME RATE OF TRANSFER. U HAVE FIND A EQUATION THAT BEST SUIT THIS- there were a lotsa twists given in this question unlike in the previous question papers.
    Tip: Keep Ur cool.

    19. G (0) =1 G (1)= -1 IF G (N)=G (N-1) + G(N-2) THEN WHAT IS THE VALUE OF G (6)?


    21 .A power unit is there by the bank of the river 750 mts. A cable is made from power unit to power a plant opposite to that of the river at 1500mts. The cost of the cable below water is Rs. 15/- per meter ansd cost of cable on the bank is Rs. 12/- per meter. Then where they will cut ?

    22. There were 2 series as well.

    23. A Venn diagram & questions on it were asked in %. Some students just went for simple figures given but actually we have to take out % of it in almost all questions. SO read the quests carefully.
    Critical Reasoning:
    The passages were written repeatedly before asking each question. I think that was a trap to waste some time of the examinees before they realize the actual thing.
    A) One syllogisms kinda passage:
    All reds r greens
    All blues r white
    No yellow is a white.
    Some blues r reds
    & then questions were asked like: which of the following is true: a red can be a blue but not yellow. And like that
    B) The red & brown marriage passage:
    There are 2 groups named Brown and red. They can?t marry in the same group. If the husband or wife dies then the person will convert to their own group. If a person is married then the husband will have to change his group to his wife?s group. The child will own the mothers group.
    From these a set of 4 questions were given like:
    1.If the person doesn?t change his group even after he is a widower or divorcee then which of the following is necessarily true? Some sentences for checking here.
    2.Brown?s daughter is red (False)
    3. If a person is red. Then his/her mother?s brother belong to which group if he is married.
    There was no psychometric.
    After the apti they declared the results for all the batches together after around 4 hours. They put the students in 3 parts according to their apti scores. The group of students with higher apti scores were called for technical on the next day itself, while the ones with lower scores were told that their schedules for interviews will be declared afterwards (the ?to be scheduled candidates?).The people with still lower scores were told to check so that if requirements exist they will be called in further batches.
    About Technical interview:
    My technical was scheduled on the next day (11 September) at 9 am. But I had to wait until around 4.30 pm when I was called in for it? My panel consisted of two people. They were very friendly & cheerful & made me comfortable. Questions were:
    1. So abhay, tell us something about urself excluding the things mentioned in the CV ( I spoke at length about myself)
    2. Which r Ur fav subjects?
    I: told 2/3 subjects. But they wanted more. They don?t consider c & c++ as different subs. So u have to tell 3 more subjects besides c, c++ & OOP (everyone of us loves these 3, right? But they too know it very well?.. & hence do prepare more subs)
    1. then there were some drilling questions on OS,DS,SE etc
    2. demand paging,mem allocation
    3. virtual mem
    4. virtual functions
    5. various sorting methods
    6. explain bubble sort. (gave me an array to sort) .What is it?s efficiency
    7. ?O(n)? notation
    8. explain bucket sort
    9. Proxmap
    10. polymorphism
    11. software lifecycle
    12. some questions on TOC
    13. Some more questions on OS which I can?t remember now.
    14. Explain Ur project. (He also suggested me some improvements I could have done in my project. Since my project was about language translation, he asked me about NLP (natural Lang processing), Artificial Intelligence, Google?s foray into NLP research etc. I think he was strong in that area. But I managed to give him pretty satisfactory answers.)
    The technical lasted for around 35 mins. Then I was told to wait outside. After 2 minutes a volunteer came & informed me that I was short listed for the HR & was taken to a room for waiting. My turn for the HR round came at around 8 pm.
    About HR/MR round:
    It was a combined HR/MR round & was the toughest ?.. (Surprised? So was I? We generally tend to take the HR/MR round less seriously, but beware friends?It?s not any rule that they wont ask u technical questions here.)
    There was a panel of 3 members for taking my HR. They were very knowledgeable and friendly- but u r subjected to lots of pressure during the whole interview. So be prepared to handle REAL pressure. U can be subjected to pressure thru small gestures & even a nod of head can make u pretty nervous at such times??.When I say REAL PRESSURE, I mean it??.
    Questions were:
    How was Ur day today (I said: a bit tough.)
    1. Why tough? ( I said: I had to wait since morning?.oops,I realized I shouldn?t have told this)
    2. So u don?t like waiting? (No sir, it?s not like that?? I did the cover up in an honest manner.)
    3. meaning of ur name: Abhay
    4. So Abhay, Ur hairstyle is inspired by which actor? ( since I have got long hair) This quest was really a bouncer & at this point of time, in my mind, I had bid adieu to my chances?..obviously cursing my long locks
    5. So when r u cutting ur hair short? (I: at the earliest possible date?)
    6. What is keeping u busy these days? ( Preparations etc)
    7. Why TCS?
    8. Have u applied to any companies earlier?
    9. Apart from tcs, which companies will u like to work for?
    10. Then they started asking technical quests. A completely grueling session of questions on OS, memory allocation, runtime changes in the source code, SE, s/w process mgmt,dirty page, thrashing, address translation etc
    (My tip to everyone: Friends, Be thoroughly prepared. It?s not easy at all. But most importantly ?be EXTREMELY confident?, composed & have a smiling face almost always.)
    1. R u ready to sign a service agreement for 2 years? Do u think it?s not OK for a company to get the service agreements signed considering the globalization etc etc...
    2. What if we send u for a posting at Assam? Will u be prepared to go to some remote place?

    The HR round lasted for around 25-30 minutes.


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