TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -20 Mar 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -20 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends. The Tcs paper has following rounds written test
    3.managerial round

    Tcs executives said that the pattern has been changed from this summer (introduction of technical round in written). But this didn't  happen. so don't worry. ours is the first college to be examined by Tcs in this summer. Here is my experience.....

    -previous papers (I kept c as my option for all verbal questions)
    aptitude-previous papers (not even values r changed)
    reasoning-GRE Barron's 12th edition (model papers analytical  sections only)
    (no technical questions, no -ve marking, no section cut offs)If u are strong in aptitude & reasoning, then no need to read  verbal section. 

    Interviewer didn't kept any eye contact with me. He didn't took even my file. He gave me the option to choose any one language and one subject. I said C,Os.
    1.what is deadlock
    2.what r the conditions of deadlock (explain)
    3.what is starvation
    4.what is dining philosopher's problem
    5.Tell me something about your project
    6.take any infix notation and convert it into prefix and postfix notations (using stack)
    7.what is quick sort can u implement quick sort (example only)
    9.what is the complexity of quick sort (with derivation)
    10.what r your achievements during your 3 years of academic course
    11.what r your short term goals
    12.dequeue,enqueue,palindrome program, prime numbers program, reverse a string, linked list program,(3,5 ltr jars problem from shakuntala devi)
    ARIES algorithm. 

    I had answered up to 8 questions. I had next entered into
    1.why didn't u kept DBMS in your resume (asked 4 times with in 10 min )
    2.what is client server architecture
    3.whar r the s/w development life cycles that u know
    4..Tell me something about your project
    5.tell me something about how to make gopi manchuria (if cooking is your hobby)
    M.R round was just like a discussion . No need to bother.

    1.what do u know about TCS
    2.why TCS
    3.In what way one can help society
    4.have u helped the society till now (example) your day starts
    6.emphasised more on family background

    Tell me something about yourself, do u have any queries are the 2 questions asked commonly in all the rounds. I have added some questions
    asked to my friends also.Finally I have got selected. Hope u will be benefited with my experience
    All the best for your exam.......bye

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