TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -12 Aug 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -12 Aug 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi All Guys?????.TCS people are very cool??.There are a lot of panels over there nd u should be damn confident???Confidence is the only key for
    u to clear the TCS interviews??ND be very sure about what u write in ur CV???..Dont try to over crowd ur CV?.The ask on the basis of ur CV
    only?..Prepare ur CV well????..nd see what u write in the technical skills??.. 

    Prepare some general nd very common questions??..I mention again here CONFIDENCE is the only key for u to crack it??
    Prepare one language nd one database????.
    They generally ask u about what u feel comfortable in???.So prepare at least 3 of ur subjects, Oracle/Sql, nd abn language????..THATS more than enough???. 

    Coming to my interview now: 

    Technical Interview: 

    For others we the panel consists of 2 people???for me there were 3 people over there: 2 gents nd a pretty mam over there: 
    I greeted them with a smile.

    Mam: gud afternoon Sahil, So, how are u?
    Me : I am fine mam.
    Mam: Can u tell me about ur self?
    Me: Started??.She interrupted me just after the first line???.Why u decided to go 4 MTech??.as I am a mtech in Software engg???
    Me: Explained???..
    Mam: Okay, u do very well in ur academics???Sahil u worked on the Testing tools?.written in my resume??where u got the chance to do these things on fresher level??.
    Me: exp?.done in 6 months training??.
    Mam: That?s very impressive????.Are u good in C,C++ and SQL
    Me : Yes mam???(Said with confidence)
    Mam: What is the difference between C and C++
    ME: told
    Mam: Tell me the difference between Inner Join and Outer join
    Me: Told
    Mam: Give a Query.
    Me : Write it with Left Outer Join
    Mam: Write a Query for selecting all the rows in the table
    Me: Select * from EMP??..(I dnt know why she asked that)
    Mam: what is this *
    Me??.Told???..(ha ha?..)

    Then the other male person started asking Questions on testing: 

    Sir: Are u aware of STLC.
    Me: Software Testing Life Cycle
    Sir: Please Explain

    I started to explain but he interrupted me in between???No No, Tell me in respect to SDLC??.

    ME: Sir, the relation bw STLC nd SDLC can be shown by means of V Model?..nd I draw that on Paper????
    Sir: (I read from his face that he is impressed) Okay tell me what are the various fields in Bugzilla???..
    Me : Told (Guys u need not prepare this because I have written it in my resume so don?t worry?)
    Sir: Tell me what is the difference between Severity and priority of the bug?
    Me : Told
    Sir: What are the various levels of Severity??..
    Me : Critical, Major, Normal, Minor
    Sir:  What is regression testing and what test cases do u consider for regression testing
    Me: Told
    Sir: Write the format for the test case case writing
    Me: Draw it on paper????
    Sir: Suppose u opened the yahoo page?.nd the name of yahoo written on it is wrong?..Is this the bug of high severity or high priority
    Me: High priority nd expain why 

    Now the other person who is continuously monitoring me jumped into action?.. 

    Sir: Okay Write a query for this scenario?????..
    Me: (Take my time nd got the soln??I started writing it with inner join?..).. 

    he interrupted in between??.Are you writing this query in Sequel?. 

    Me: (here I do the blunder???.ans asked Yes?(As I was writing it in oracle)) 

    Sir: Shows that he is very angry??nd asked me to leave????? 

    Me: (Guys??.this is very important???I kept my mind cool at that time??Bec I know what he is trying to do???.He is trying to frustrate me and then see what will be my reaction??) I just give a little smile, greeted all of them again??nd say that it was nice interviewing with u with a smile?..nd come back???. 

    The questions asked from other people were on MAJOR and MINOR projects, OOPS fundamentals, Database, C, C++?????.But just overview of them?And then come the good news??I cleared the tech interview?.

    HR and MR

    Again a mam(HR) nd a sir(manager) over there 

    HR: Hi Sahil, How was ur day nd ur previous interview??
    Me : It was fine Mam?..
    HR: Rate ur experience of today on the scale of 10
    Me: 8
    HR: Why u deduct 2 marks
    Me: I still have 2 interviews left??1, 1 for them??So, I think they will make it a perfect 10?(Silly ans)?..But I never let that smile to go away from my face?..
    HR: Okay that?s good. Tell me Do u appear for any on campus or any other companies after BTech.
    Me: No Mam? that point I was interested to go for higher studies only?. 

    HR: (this is very important friends please pay attention ) Okay Sahil, before u proceed further I want to tell u 1 thing?.The thing we see in this round is that u should be truthfull??..So, if u want to change ur answer u have ur chance?..u can change it right now?.. 

    ME : (She was just trying to trap me??but I know what she is trying to do) Again with a smile?..Mam I haven?t told any lie?..At that point I want to go for higher studies only?So that?s why I prepare for it only nd there is no point trying for the job If u don?t want to do it??.Smile 

    HR: She smiled??.Okay, So tell me what makes u different from other candidates

    Nd I don?t want to listen that u are hardworking nd all that stuff???

    Me: Told my positives????nd she is very impressed 

    HR: So u like challenges???Tell me if we dont have any work for you and u have to sit on bench??No work at all?..just going to canteen nd having fun?.then what u should do as u like challenges and ask 4 them 

    Me: I think I can utilize that time period for improving my weaknesses if I have any at that time?I can devote and utilize that time there? 

    HR: Your academic is not consistent?.73, 68, 69, 80??.
    Me: Explained??.(I am still not happy with my answer?) 

    MR: Okay Sahil, Tell me are u comfortable working with development domain
    Me: Yes Sir
    MR: And Testing Domain
    Me: I also fine with it
    MR: But u said earlier that you want to opt for development domain only
    Me: Sir, I am open to all the domains??.I can work in any domain that is being given to me.
    MR: Tell me are u aware of the testing processes
    Me: yes sir
    MR: Tell me what is STLC and what is the team structure in a compoany
    Me: explained
    MR : Where do u see urself 5 years from now..
    Me: Answered???.nd while answering I looked at the HR?..she was continuously smiling?.. 

    HR: Okay do u know about the bond of 2 years? case u leave before 2 years u have to pay us 50000. So do u want to pay that
    Me: No mam I don?t want to pay rs 50000??.smile
    Hr: With a smile So u want to be in TCS for lifelong?.
    Me : Yes mam.
    Hr: and we also have a background check
    Me : that?s not a problem mam
    HR: Now, u seems relaxed
    Me: I am relaxed right from the start
    HR: Do u have any questions
    Me: No mam????.(just a slip of tongue?Though I have prepared 2 questions?.i  think I should have asked them)
    HR: Okay Sahil, that?s all from our side??u can leave for the day??.
    Me: Thank u very much
    Finally got selected???..See u in TCS????? 

    -------------------------------------That?s All???????????.

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