TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -1 Jan 2004

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -1 Jan 2004

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Papers From Campus Recruitment at NIT BHOPAL 2003

    1.If g (0)=g (1)=1

    And g (n)= g (n-1) + g (n ?2) find g (6);

    2.A plane moves from 9°N40°E to 9°N40°W. If the plane starts at 10 am and takes 8 hours to reach the destination, find the local arrival time.

    3. If log 0.317=??? and log 0.318=???. Then find the value of log 0.319.

    4.You will be given the bit position values for A, B and C and using the relation (A?B) u C you have to construct the truth table. Then find the corresponding decimal number and choose the right option.

    5.Complete the sequence 9,10,11,13,15, __, 21,28.

    6.In a certain format TUBUJPO is coded as STATION. The code of which string is FILTER?

    7. What is the code formed by reversing the First and second letters, the third and fourth letters and son on of the string SIMULTANEOUSLY?

    8.The base 5 representation of the decimal number 2048 is _____.

    9.Which is the largest prime number that can be stored in a 9-bit register?

    10.Find the physical quantity represented by MOMENTUM *VELOCITY] / [LENGTH * ACCELERATION]?

    11.A can do a piece of work in 20 days, which B can do in 12 days. In 9 days B does ¾ of the work. How many days will A take to finish the remaining work?

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