TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -1 Jan 2004

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -1 Jan 2004

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    The critical reasoning section consists of some passages followed by 4 to 7 questions per passage. The questions are such that they require ability to read fast and comprehend. The questions asked in this section have three choices TRUE, FALSE, CAN'T SAY. Some examples of questions are given below. Please note that these passages are not the exact passages asked. The passages used a good deal of difficult words, which have been removed in this reproduction. Also the passages appearing in the actual paper are much lengthier.

    1. My father has no brothers. He has three sisters who have two Childs each.

         1> my grandfather has two sons (f)

          2> three of my aunts have two sons (can't say)

          3> my father is only child to his father (f)

          4> I have six cousins from my mother side (f)

          5> I have one uncle (f)

    2. Ether injected into gallbladder to dissolve gallstones. This type one-day treatment is

    enough for gallstones not for calcium stones. This method is alternative to surgery for millions of people who are suffering from this disease.

          1>-calcium stones can be cured in one day (f)

          2> hundreds of people contains calcium stones(can't say)

          3> surgery is the only treatment to calcium stones(t)

          4> either will be injected into the gallbladder to cure the cholesterol

          based gall stones(t).

    3. Hacking is illegal entry into other computer. This is done mostly because of lack of knowledge of computer networking with networks one machine can access to another machine. Hacking go about without knowing that each network is accredited to use network facility.

    1> Hacking people never break the code of the company, which they work for (can't say).

    2> Hacking is the only vulnerability of the computers for the usage         of the data.(f)

    3> Hacking is done mostly due to the lack of computer knowledge (f).

       (There will be some more questions in this one)

    4. Alpine tunnels are closed tunnels. In the past 30 yrs not even a single accident has been recorded for there is one accident in the railroad system. Even in case of a fire accident it is possible to shift the passengers into adjacent wagons and even the living fire can be detected and extinguished with in the duration of 30 min.

             1> no accident can occur in the closed tunnels (True)

                2> fire is allowed to live for 30 min.  (False)

                3> All the care that travel in the tunnels will be carried by rail shutters. (True)

               5. In the past helicopters are forced to ground or crash because of the formation of the ice on the rotors and engines. A new electronic device has been developed which can detect the water content in the atmosphere and warns the pilot if the temperature is below freezing temp about the formation of the ice on the rotors and wings.

             1> the electronic device can avoid formation of the ice on the wings (False).

                2> There will be the malfunction of rotor & engine because of formation of ice (t)

                3> The helicopters are to be crashed or down (t)

                4> There is only one device that warns about the formation of ice (t).

    6.In the survey conducted in mumbai out of 63 newly married house wives not a single house wife felt that the husbands should take equal part in the household work as they felt they loose their power over their husbands. In spite of their careers they opt to do the kitchen work themselves after coming back to home. The wives get half as much leisure time as the husbands get at the weekends.

             1> housewives want the husbands to take part equally in the household (f)

                2> wives have half as much leisure time as the husbands have (f)

                3> 39% of the men will work equally in the house in cleaning and washing

    7. Copernicus is the intelligent. In the days of Copernicus the transport and technology development was less & it took place weeks to communicate a message at that time. Where in we can send it through satellite with in no time ----------. Even with these fast developments it has become difficult to understand each other.

    1> people were not intelligent during Copernicus days (f).

    2> Transport facilities are very much improved in now a days (can't say)

    3> Even with the fast developments of the technology we can't live happily.(can't say).

    4> We can understand the people very much with the development of communication (f).

    8) Senior managers warned the workers that because of the introductory of Japanese industry in the car market. There is the threat to the workers. They also said that there would be the reduction in the purchase of the sales of car in public. The interest rates of the car will be increased with the loss in demand.

    1> Japanese workers are taking over the jobs of Indian industry (false)

    2> Managers said car interests would go down after seeing the raise in interest rates (true)

    3> Japanese investments are ceasing to end in the car industry (false)

    4> people are very much interested to buy the cars (false)

    9) In the totalitarian days, the words have very much devalued. In the present day, they are becoming domestic that is the words will be much more devalued. In those days, the words will be very much affected in political area. But at present, the words came very cheap .we can say they come free at cost.

      1> totalitarian society words are devalued. (False)

         2> totalitarian will have to come much about words (True)

         3> The art totalitarian society the words are used for the political speeches.

        10) There should be copyright for all arts. The reel has come that all the arts has come under one copyright society, they were use the money that come from the arts for the developments. There may be a lot of money will come from the Tagore works. We have to ask the benifiters from Tagore work to help for the development of his works.

      1> Tagore works are come under this copyright rule. (F)

         2> People are free to go to the because of the copyright rule. (Can?t say)

         3> People gives to theater and collect the money for development. (Can?t say)

         4> We have ask the Tagore residents to help for the developments of art. (Can?t say)


    1. Senior manager in a big company said that new Japanese company invades in India for transferring the cars from industrial and warned that jobs were under threat from Japanese company.  They stated that increasing competence would be coupled with an inevitable down term in car market and recent rise

    in interest rate which has already hit demand.

    a) Manager issue their warning after a rise in interest rate

       b) Manager told workers that Japanese workers are taking jobs away from Indian workers

       c) Manager said that more people want to buy new cars in future

       d) Increasing rate of interest mean that Japanese firm will create into operate in the country

    2. Human existence is suspicious of arbitrary divide between concise and unconcise. The concise world invades shape activity of the unconcise, while many of great activity of humanity waking as whole or partially improved by dreams. Even it could be ignored that dreams precede exceptional such a dichotomy could not be drawn as the influence of dream on waking state would remain unclear. But as yet no company rebuilt exists to record the substitute of prendtl dreaming.

    a) Sleepy can be creative state

       b) It is difficult to tell whether a sleeper is dream or not

       c) If we know what babies would dream about before they are born we could show that the concise and unconcise mind influence on one another

       d) It is untrue claim that concise and unconcise world never impinge one another

    3. Any one who has systematic exam phases will have perceived a profound although not a prolific of asymmetry whether or not the exception is volitions and self-control of spontaneous appeal to predict facial as symmetry as does the type of emotion portrayed. Position cannot displace symmetric at left side regret of a negative emotion is more common posed. Expression negation emotions are likely to be symmetric representation and where as symmetric occurs relative left sided expression is more common.

    a) Any angry person is more likely to have left sided expression than some one who has smiling

        b) An actor is likely to smile symmetric when acting

        c) Delicious facial expression will always be as symmetrical

         4. In the totalitariturian days, the words have very much devalued. In the present day, they are becoming domestic that is the words will be much more devalued.  In those days, the words will be very much affected in political area. But at present, the words came very cheap; we can say they come free at cost.

         a) Totalitarian society words are devalued

          b) Totalitarian    will have to come much about words

          c) The art totalitarian society the words are used for the political speeches

        5. There should be copyright for all arts. the rule has come that all the arts has come under one copy right society, they were use the money that come from the arts for the developments.  There may be a lot of money will come from the Tagore works. We have to ask the benifitters from Tagore work to help for the development of his works.

       a) Tagore works are come under this copyright rule

         b) People give to theater and collect the money for development

         c) People are free to go to the      because of the copy right rule

         d) We have asked the Tagore residents to help for the developments of art.

      N) Disease x succeeds lung disease. It may also occur healthy persons the person looks healthier from outside. The number of red blood cells in the blood increased and this leads to thickness of the blood as a result of which blood lacks inside the vessels .the person suffers heart attack. Possible solution is to remove a liter of blood or to control the

    growth of red blood cells.

    53.lung disease precedes the disease  --   T

    54.a person who gets heart attack always has disease --   F

    55.people suffering from disease x look healthier --      C liter of blood must be removed to cure this  --    T

    O) A star fire engine has been designed to work only for unleaded Petrol. This crossfire engine is designed for both 1500 and `1800 ccm they internally and externally look alike except for the difference in wheels ----,2000 cc is different from the above. Two in terms of 3 Features --- ----- ---- on the bumper.

     57.the engine runs only on the leaded petrol  -- F

    58.1500 and 1800 cc look alike -- F

    59.apart from cross fire engines they manufacture -- F

    60.internal structure of the 2000cc is same as that of both 1500 and 1800 cc  -- C

    P) A weed killer to kill the weeds has been developed. The weed killer solution has to be applied to the growing tips. It needs not to be applied to all the tips. the solution has to be prepared in a can in one hand and the plants are taken in the other hand with a glove and are immersed in the solution if we cannot immerse them in the solution. The solution can be applied to the roots with a brush. it used without care it can pose danger to other plants.

    61.the solutions has to applied to growing leaves use the weed killer first take the plants in the can as then pour the solution into it. is sufficient to apply it only to some roots effects to the other plants.

    Campus Recruitment at NIT Bhopal 2003           (Time 30 mins)

      1.Eight players have to be seated. G, J, L are in the varsity baseball team. H, M, O are both in the varsity baseball team and the football team. K and N are in the varsity baseball team as well as the basketball team. You have to seat them in such a way that two players who play in two teams never sit adjacent to each other. Now answer the following questions: -(There were four questions. I can?t recollect them but once u make the initial arrangement it becomes pretty easy.) 

    2. You have to make seating arrangements for 8 people.  Andy and Goldberg have to leave early so they must be seated next to the door, which is on the right rear end of the table. Cooper and D?ameto are enemies so they have to be seated as far as possible in the table. Edmund and Farley always sit together. Burns always occupies the center position.

    Answer the following questions. 

        1.If Edmund and D?ameto never sit opposite Burns then in how many ways can the arrangement be made? Etc.

      3.A person needs to get himself affiliated to the Nambrian Consulate. He must be either a US citizen or a neutralized person. He has to get the certificate from the Nambrian Consulate, which is open only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12 to 4 o?clock. For this he also needs to get himself vaccinated from the Alabama Clinic, which is near the consulate and is open on Wednesday till 5 pm. He may also get the vaccination from The Beryl Clinic, which is open on Mondays to Thursdays from 9-12 pm. And on Fridays from 4-5 pm. However it takes one hour to get to the clinic from the Nambrian Consulate. Also he must show a notarized bank account of more than $1000, which can be done from Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm.

    Campus Recruitment NIT Durgapur2003            

    six floor is given.there are 7 or 8 people .each floor contain two apartments.each apart ther would be 2 or persons.   We have to determine the person what floors they are staying       (REFERENCE 12 TH BARRON)

    25 PERSONS ARE IN A COMITTEE. THERE A,B,C,D,E,F ,G,H.A&C and C&E,D&F &D&G cant go together From this there are easy questions   # barron? page 487 sec 6 analytical ability prob 8-12 abt 6ix American city??.

    # barron? page 435 sec 5  analytical ability problem 1-4 about city a ,b  and c ??.  

    #3 Toll in a high way is given .The peoples cant reminding the data. It ?s also from Barron Book (12th Barron edition).

    Refer Barron for these problems. There were 3 of those. One of them we have given below:  

    A project to consolidate the programs of a large university and a small college is set up. It is agreed that the representatives work in small committees of 3, with 2 from the large university.   Faculty members of same subject area should represent no committee.   The professors were:

    Large University: J(English),K(Maths.),L,(Natural Science)

    Small college:  M(Maths.),N(Latin), O,P(Both English)  


    1. Which of the following represents a properly composed committee?

    (KLN,KLM,JKL,JON,JKM)          akln

    2.Which of the following may serve with P?

    (KM,KL,KO,JK,MN)                     bkl

    3. Which of the following must be true?

    a. if J serves,P must be assigned.

    b. if J can't serve,M also can't be assigned

    c. if J can't serve,L must serve.

    4. If L is not available,which two must be available  ?


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