TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -1 Jan 2004

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -1 Jan 2004

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    TCS talent test....


    1.paralance: * glance, discussion,equality, terminology.
    2.cajole: *symp[athise,disagree,coax,insist * pot ential,possible,link,desirable.
    4.obliterate: * eradicate,inappropriate,illiterare,elaborate.
    5.exasperate: *tire,narrate,provoke,depress.
    6.ramification: * collision,confusion,correction,consequence.
    7.altercation: *substitute,option,controversy,change,
    8.impase: *route,deadlock,unlikely,insignificant.
    9.recapitulate: *summerise,remind,captivate,jumble
    10.semblance: * mixture,association,quietness,appearance.
    11.exonerate: testify,engender,accuse,inundate
    12.sagacity: foolishness,secure,broad,illegal
    13.commensurate: start,disproportionate,end,economic
    14.nonchalant: anxious,courtious,honest,irrelevant
    15.cryptic: hidden,essential,explicit,smooth,
    16:rupture: break,continue,enthusiasm,happiness.
    17.revocable: alterable,awakened,final,called upon.
    18.slump: calm,safe,prosperous,waste,
    19.translucent: clear,opaque,movement,efficient
    20.dangle : sound,ornament,small,secure.
    part:2 quantitative
    21.series: 2, 7, 24,77, ----- ans: 248

    22.code: oenir: brave cyrnfr :---------- 

    23.1st and 2nd letters of a"parliamentarian" were interchanged.similarly 3rd and 4th, then 5th and 6 th .

    so on continued.what would be the 14tjh letter from right.

    24. (466)decimal= what is the number in base 7?

    25.largesrt prime that can be stored in 8 bit computer. ans127

    26. if n=68*12*51, whaich one is not a integer
    1.n/102, 2.n/72, 3. n/153, 4.n/136 5. n/244

    27.which one is the power of 3== 6245,6762,6074,6561,6178

    28.odd out----1. mvs,2. windowsnt, 3. sybase 4. linux.

    29.odd,2. smalltalk 3. eiffel 4. lisp

    30 .in a triangle which one is not possible.sides are (5 ,5 ,5.), (5 ,4 ,5 ), (4 ,4, 9 ), (3,4 ,5,). vertices,edges, faces are given.which one among these best suits for the solid planner cube.
    12, 8, 6 6 ,8 ,12 4 , 8, 12 8 ,12, 6

    32.which one among have higher deviation:1. 7,0,-7, 7,0,-7 2. -7,-7,-7,-7,-7,-7 
    3. 7,-7,7,-7,7,-7 4. 7,7,7,7,7,7

    33. a& b can do a work in 14 days.if a does twice as much as work as b in a given time.find how 
    long a alone woukld take to do the work.

    34.which one among is a singular matrix. 14 6 , -373 223 , 1 0 , 10 12
    4 3 , 1865 -1115 , 1 2 , 3 4

    35. match the box
    a.scooter---automobile a.super set of 
    b.oxygen---water b.not a type of
    c.shopfloorstaff----filters c.a type of 
    d. bug---reptile d.part of

    36. if &=doubling and % means sign change then what is the output
    &%&(5) - %&%(5)

    37. asequence is defined recursively as f(0)= f(1) =1. f(n) =f(n-1)+f(n-2). what is the value of f(6)
    38. what curve best suits for x y
    0.99 .00001
    10.04 1.02
    99.98 1.997
    1000 3.0
    9990 4.004
    39.a 2 dimensional array x(7,9) is stored linearly column wise in a computer memory.each element
    requires 2 byte for storage of value.if the 1sr byte adrress of x(1,1) is 3000 what would be the last byte address of x(5,8).
    40.which of the pair is orthogonal set. i+j, 3i+2j ,-7i+j, 2i-3j
    41.solve m(373,11)+r(3.4)-t(7.7)+r(5.8) .where m=modulo arithmatic r=round off, t=truncation
    42.3 independent mechanism a,b,c have been incorporatedf for fuel saving in a car producing respectively is 30%,20%,40% efficiency.assuming they operate independentely.what is net fuel efficiency achived.
    43. x logx(base 10)
    3.142 0.4972061807
    3.143 0.4473443810 find log3.141(base 10)
    44. temperature at mumvbai is f(t) =-t*t/6+4*t+12.where t=elapsed time since midnight.%rise or fall in temp between 5 pm &8pm. aircraft takes off from a(72degree N lat, 40degreeE long) at 2 am local time to b(32degree N lat,50degree Wlong).if the flyiong time is 10 hrs,what is the local timing of landing at b.
    46 A 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1
    B 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1
    C 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1
    what is the value of (AUB)n C.INTERPRET the resulting bit pattern as an integer in an 8bit computer
    and write the decimal value. 

    47. A power cable is to be run from a power plant on the river bank 900m wide to a factory that is located 3000m downstream to the opposite bank.if the cost of laying cable under water is Rs 5/ per metre and that is laying overhead is Rs 4/ per metre .find the point downstream where the cable is to cut accros the river.

    48. b g b d q m b g d m g b g g b q m b g q b g d g b a m g b g m
    How many b 's are such that each b is followed by g next to it,if the g is not followed by d next to it.


    49.pilots fly round trip from city x to y.
    the trip takes 2hrs. and airline has one round trip flight in the morning ,one round trip in the afternoon ,each day from monday to friday.pilots must be scheduled in accordance with the following rules.
    w , x, y can fly morning flights.
    v,x,z can fly afternoon flightse,
    no pilot can fly twice on the same day& on two consecutive days.
    x must fly the wednesday morning flight
    z must fly the tuesday afternoon flight.
    a: which one is true?
    1.w=monday morn flight
    2.x=monday afternoon flight
    3. y=tuesday morn flight.
    4. w=thursday morn. flight.
    5.z= thurs day afternoon
    b: if x =fri morn.,then
    1.xnot equal to mon after.
    2. v fri after
    3. w thurs morn
    4.y = thurs morn
    5 neither w or y flies thurs morn

    c: if x one morning flight during the week
    1w=exactly 2 days during the week
    2 .x=exa.. 3 days during the week
    3 y=1 day during the week
    4.z=mon and fri afternoon
    5 x= more times than v during thwe week.
    52. astudent planning his curriculam for the upcoming semester must enroll 3 courses.
    the available courses fall into one of the 5 general areas,math, eng, ss, sci, arts.
    student must take courses from aty least two different areas
    .if he take arts he cant take eng.
    if he= sci then he=math(must)
    he+math,then he=sci(must)
    if he=ss,then he ==arts

    a: not accepteable schedule
    2 math & 1 sci
    2 sci &1 math
    2 arts &1 math
    2 ss & 1 arts 
    1 ss & 2 arts

    b:if math &eng then 3rd is
    c:if sci then which pair would complete an acceptable schedule.
    2 math
    2 sci.
    2 eng
    1 sci 1 eng 
    1 math and 1 ss

    55. j k l m n o q are ranked from first( lowest) to 7th (highest) not in order 
    First note in scale is O and last= Q
    L is lower than M
    N is lower than J
    K is somewhere between J and M

    a. If N is fifth on scalea which is true?
    b. N and O are separated by exactly two notes on scale,The true one is 
    K is below M
    K is between N and O
    M is above N
    c. If there two notes between K and N, then true is
    L is between J and K
    M is above J
    L and M are separated by one note
    58. In a five storeyed building,lower four storeys have two flats each and upper has a single flat
    J K L M N O P Q R will adjust in the building,
    Q and R = 3rd floor
    P will stay lower than M
    K will stay lower than N
    K will stay lower than L
    J and L will occupy rooms on the same floor
    a. If M=2nd floor true is
    J=5 N==5 J=4 K=2 O=1st (no: indicates floor)
    b. Who will stay in the 1st floor?
    K,O M,N M,O K,M,O K,O,P
    c. K,M stay in the same floor,then they could stay accurately in 
    1st 2nd 4th 1st and 4th 2nd and 4th

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