TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -1 Jan 2004

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -1 Jan 2004

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    7 Jan, 2012

     Aptitude section

    1)In a well of 20feet depth, a frog jumps 5feet up in the morning and comes
    4feet down in the 
    evening, on which day the frog gets out of the well.

    2)Next number in the series:
    answer 8
    (7*7=49)(4*9=36)(3*6=18) (1*8=8)

    3)A & B are playing a game .There are 8 oranges in a row on the
    Player can take 1-4
    oranges in a pick (a maximum of 4),one who picks the last orange wins the
    game.'A' plays first
    How many oranges should he pick first time inorder to win the game. 
    answer 3.

    4)9/10 or 10/11 which is greater.

    5) (x-y/3)-(y-x/3)=?

    6)x:y=3 and x+y=80 what is the value of y?
    answer y=20

    7)Average of 5 number is -10 sum of 3 numbers is 16,what is the average of
    other two numbers?
    answer -33

    8)16 litre can, 7 litre can,3 litre can,the customer has to be given 11
    of milk using
    all the three cans only explain?

    9)A car has run 10000 miles using 5 tyres interchangably,To have a equal
    wornout by all tyres
    how many miles each tyre should have run.
    answer 4000 miles/tyre

    10) 8 to the power of x is 32,what is the value of x?

    11) 12 Blacksox and 12 Whitesox mixed in a box,a pair of sox is picked at a
    time,in which pick/
    how many pick ,to get the right pair(black&black or white&white)?

    12)Two coins one with HEAD IN BOTH SIDES and the other coin HEAD IN ONE
    OTHER SIDE is in a box,a coin is taken at random and FOUND HEAD IN ONE SIDE
    ..what is the 
    probability that THE OTHER SIDE IS HEAD?

    13)A man shapes 3 cardboards in 50 minutes,how many cardboards does he shape
    in 5 hours?
    answer 18cardboards.

    14)How many 3 digits with 3 Distinct digits are there from 100-1000.

    15)Three men goes to a hotel to stay ,the clerk says $30 per room/day so all
    the three plans
    to stay in one room so each pays $10.After some time the clerk realises that
    he made a mistake
    of collecting $30 but the room cost only $25,there fore he decides to return
    $5 to them
    so he calls the room boy and gives him $5 asking him to return. The room boy
    keeps $2 with him
    and he returns only $3($1 for each).
    Now Totally all have paid $9 each($27)+room boy $2 which is equal to
    did $1 go,who
    has made the mistake?

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