TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -07 Oct 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -07 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Friends... First of all I would like to thanks all the friends who had already sharing their experience & given a very good idea about the test. I am now in TCS all
    due to their sharing & valuable things posted on FRESHERS WORLD. This site is more than enough to get into T.C.S? 

    The TCS Recruitment team has following sections:
    1. Written Test:

    a. Verbal.
    b. Aptitude.
    c. Critical Reasoning. 

    Friends for verbal just prepare G.R.E. ?But I did not prepared for verbal..Belive me I was n knowing only 2 correct answers and rest all I marked simply? 

    For aptitude just prepare previous year paper that?s allllll?. I got all correct answers except one or two? 

    For Critical Reasoning just prepare G.R.E 12th or 13th edition. I got all three from 5 model question paper..

    1.English and Spanish..
    2.if all P?s are R..Some thing like that..
    3..Octomber Problem?

    I did all correct except 3 questions?if you don?t know how to solve plz plz just mug up the answers..That?s alllllllllll 

    I got result after one week. My name was there in the list. And I called for a interview on 28th 7.30..

    Its an technical com HR..And MR round.. 

    For technical he asked about my favorite subject. I told c/c++, data structure, computer network, operating system..
    For C he asked me to write a reverse of a string..i wrote it very efficiently..he impressed for the logic?and for some of my friend they asked to write program to add two numbers like that? 

    Some C++ concept like its features .virtual class,polymorphism and its type,this pointer,and key words in C++.classes and object..just prepare some basic concept that?s it.. 

    For data structure

    What is data structure?
    What is stack?
    What is queue? 
    For computer network
    About OSI layers and its applications
    What is Big Indian and little Indian format 

    For operating system

    What is an operating system?
    Scheduling algm and about round Robin, aging, starvation 

    He asked some Hr questions like..Tell me about yourself, strengths, weekness, plz give some example for your strengths to fetch good marks. 

    For MR round

    About project
    Tell me about yourself

    I got result on 8th nov and my name was there in the list..i am very happy now bec I am a part of T.C.S family? 


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