TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Vel Tech Eng. College, Chennai-01 Nov 2006

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Vel Tech Eng. College, Chennai-01 Nov 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    TCS INTERVIEW ON 1st NOVEMber at chennai


    Hi Friends,


    My Experience?


    I attended TCS offcampus held in VelTech Engineering College , Chennai.


    I cleared Aptitude test  on Oct 10 . It was an Online test as usual and For this, going through the previous year tcs papers and GRE  13th Edition is sufficient.


    I had my Tech and Hr on Nov 1 in St.Josephs Engineering College..Jus read basics from all major subjects, that will do.I had put my area of interest as Software Engineering but  wasn?t asked many questions from it.. for me many questions were from DBMS. It went for some 30-35 minutes .




    Some questiond are:

    1. difference between C++ and java.
    2. SDLC models.
    3. normalization and normal forms.
    4. asked some questions and asked me to write  queries.
    5. Diff. between oracle 9i and oracle 8i.
    6. diff. between dbms and rdbms.
    7. asked to explain the project done in 8th sem.
    8. Are u willing to go abroad?
    9. which domain u would prefer to work?
    10. wat will u do if tcs rejects u?
    11. gave a scenario and asked me how will I react to such situation?


    Jus be confident and reply to the questions . I got selected in tech interview.

    I was called for Hr interview at 11.15pm.




    In some panels they are asing technical questions. I was asked to introduce myself..

    Asked abt my fav.suject.. I told about product development life cycle for 15 mins.since it was too late by then.. The interviewer didn?t ask further questions. I thanked him and left. I reached home at 1 am.


    Friends I think this information will help u?..



    Shanthy N

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