TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Vel Tech, Eng College, Avadi , Chennai-16 Feb 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Vel Tech, Eng College, Avadi , Chennai-16 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012




    Hi guys, I am Sharik Khan. I attended Tcs Written test on 16th Feb 2007.


    Written Test pattern

    This is on line test paper. There were three sections.
    plz prepare last papers too & BARRONS Properly

    The first section consisted of verbal aptitude. There were32 questions in this section. Questions were from Barron wordlist (synonym &antonyms) filling the sentence with right word. Comprehensions are to be there.

    The second section consisted of aptitude. There were 40 questions in this section. Questions were really easy. More than two questions used the concept of average speed, and there were questions on average age etc. really simple logic puzzles. many of the questions comes from last papers...

    The third section consisted of critical reasoning. This section consisted of some paragraph type questions?


    Guys do pls check previous paper, since they only change nos r alter the questions. I got short listed for Tech n it was next day on 17th feb.


    Technical Interview

    In Tech interview I had 3 interviewer panels, but all other had just 1 or two. Guys? u need to be very care-full when u have 3 interviewer. Here they even Check Both Tech, HR, MR.. The following were my quest?


    1st HR- left side


    Que. Mr. Sharik  pls take ur seat..

    ans. Thank u sir (with Smile), Smile is very important thing 4 any intro?


    Que: Ok sharik tell me abt ur self

    Ans: I started  with my name,, B.E.. college then abt CCNA Certification? other courses like Wireless comm. n my project hobbies Etc ,,, bla bla? went on


    Que: Sharik you have done CCNA ,,, how long it took..

    Ans: Sir it took me 2 yrs( 1.5 yr in graduation n ½ after graduation)..


    Que: Great, so you r not ideal? hmm ..good

    Ans: yes sir, Thank you


    Que:  So sharik y u haven?t written any thing n computer Skill.

    Ans: Sir I am basically from Electro n Comm branch n I was so interested in my field Networking(N/W) n communication?


    Ques: Sharik but this is 4 for software dev.. then u should have tried some good N/W ing  companies? Why TCS

    Ans:  Sir Tcs has all packages, Soft. Dev, Infrastructure Dev (N/W ing), Bpo n many more.. I will be very use-full to you Sir.


    He smilled..


    2nd  HR,,


    Que: Tell me about you project in Detail

    Ans: Bla ? Bla I went on


    Que: Wht was ur role in it.

    Ans: Actually I had no ans 4 tht. But I said , sir I Took resp. 4 N/w( since my Proj. Mobile comm.) n i even had help from other members n from other prof.. n HOD. We got the help from Csc  dept friend for codes.


    Que: wht is Blue tooth

    Ans: It?s a sht range comm. device  with 10-100 m range.


    Actually he dint had many ques from my proj..


    Que: Wht is NFC

    Ans: I don?t kno sir?


    3rd HR.

    He asked me abt Technical ques like


    !) Wht  Switch

    2) Hub

    3) Diff btn Switch n hub


    5) Wht is Gateway then

    6) Diff Type of topology n Netwotking layers.

    7) Wht is OSI n Tcp/IP

     etc.. etc but it was only basic queries


    Then he asked  do u hav any queries?

    I said no sir,

    K the u may go now?.


    I was short-listed 4 HR/MR?



    Here I met a person who made me so cool in tht room?.

    Guys here I have imp.. Tips 4 every one.. They just check only these things in .Any interview it may be HR or Tech .


    !) U need go with smile? Smile with ur heart.. Because ur eyes tells every thing abt your presence .

    2) B confident (don?t be over confifdent)

    3) Eye contact is most imp thing

    4) look.. when u think ur eyes goes towards left.. thts fine? but when creating things r  when u try lie  then your eyes moves towards Right.. So always control ur eyes to be parallel with his eye. Hr usually try to check tht

    5) Dress code: Boys/Men: Light shirt- Dark pant, If u wear Tie, then its great

    Girls: Cotton Saree/Chudi?

    6) Most n Most imp is Hand gesture? don?t forget tht.

    7) don?t mug up ans..  n try to communicate with the other person who is before u..


    Always follow these principle thts enough..


    I had only 7 min.  HR round, but others had more than ½ hour- 45 min..

    I got result on 8th Mar 2007 n I was 1 among 566 selected candidates..

    Almost 4400 (includes all 6 day) appeared for Written n 3200 were short listed for Tech.. but only 1500 were short-listed 4 HR/MR n took only 566.


    Guys always have faith in u n god?.
    V a day n v can prove that?

    All the best Guys n Gurls  .. Bye

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