TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Techno India,Salt Lake Kolkata-16 Feb 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Techno India,Salt Lake Kolkata-16 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello guys..I am Soumya Dutta...frm Netaji Subhash Engg Colg..3rd yr ECE....I am goin to share my experience with all of u....hope it will help u... APTI was on 14th Feb[V day] was test...

    VERBAL: I hv studied GRE Baron high freq words..but only 3 was common..others were guessed...the para was a bit tough too...

    QUANTITATIVE: this part was really easy....solve previous papers frm Freshersworld..really helped me a lot...enough for quanti...
    CR+LR: all the questions frm GRE Baron's 12th edition model test prepare the CRs frm there..
    I would say that don't bother too much with the vocab part as that is dependent on ur keep focused on the quanti and reasoning part...remember one thing scoring good marks in APTI almost makes ur job secure and certain..very much vital point.

    INTERVIEW:[16th FEB] All the questions were dynamic for 45 mins...they can ask u anything....i mean be prepared for calm cool and confident[not over confident]..they will select u.
    Entered the room there were 15 panels..mine was no. 8. three person ..laughing..
    me: Good afternoon sir with a smile.
    interviewer: Hv a sit Soumya introduce urself..
    me: ansd
    interviewer:  Hv  ur  certificates with u?show me..
    me: gave them my file
    (i mentioned hobby watching Hollywood movie and extracurricular activity playing cricket)
    interviewer: so what was the last movie u watched?
    me: A beautiful mind
    interviewer: So u play cricket?? batsman or bowler??
    me:yes sir..batsman..with a smile
    interviewer: Hv u ever hit a six??
    me: yes sir a lots of...(they smiled)
    interviewer:show me ur wrist...
    me:I showed them..  :)
    interviewer: How will u hit a cover drive?
    me:showed them with my hands moving
    interviewer:ok Soumya..draw a cricket pitch and show me the positions I am telling u..
    me: showed all...
    interviewer: HS physics problem from of equilibrium in inclined plane...(deduce tan# =coefficient of friction)
    me: solved the problem
    interviewer:they asked me a puzzel frm sakuntala devi's book of puzzel..
    me: it was common for me so told them the ans but my explanation was not totally right....
    interviewer: So u r frm Electrical engg???
    me:No sir I am frm ECE..
    interviewer: Ok..hv u heard of master slave ff??draw it..
    me:within a flash..
    interviewer:what language do u know?
    me: C sir
    interviewer: no other language??then why should i hire u??
    me:explained them ..
    interviewer:why C not Fortran?
    me:fumbled a bit and said Fortran is a bit backdated i think...
    interviewer:they pounced on me..what Fortran is backdated???
    me: i quickly recovered and somehow managed and told that i dont know much bout Fortran.....
    interviewer: Again a lot of questions frm HS physics Light...reflection..refraction..draw the figs..concept of mirages formed in desert  draw and explain...
    me:ansd all with confidence (they were impressed)
    interviewer:why tcs..tell something bout TCS..
    me:ansd and also fumbled a bit..
    interviewer:suddenly they asked what is ram?what is rom?what is the diff betwn them?
    me:ansd all with explanation..
    interviewer: ok Soumya U can go now..
    me:thank u sir..with a smile...

    Generally the interviewer asked all the subjects that we haven't mentioned in the be careful..I mentioned C and question frm there.and some others were asked out of track dont worry be confident..dont remain silent...always try to ans with a smile...success will be at ur hand..BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF U...

    19th Feb. in our collage the result was announced around 2 pm..out of 273 students who cleared APTI 157  selected..i was one of them...really i was verry happy...

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