TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   TCS Tower Gurgaon-10 Mar 2006

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   TCS Tower Gurgaon-10 Mar 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012




    Hi I am Arun Jain

    I cleared my exam on dated 10 mar 2006 and called for interview on 17 march at Tcs tower gurgaon. I was very nervous before the interview and called for technical interview by 1:00 pm where there was a panel of two person to take interview. As I am from Electronics and communication background so asked my subjects n some questions are

    1. tell me about your self.

    2. what microprocessor and real life application of microprocessor

    3. what is  microcontroller

    4. diffrence bet. microprocessor and microcontroller

    5. what is function in c

    6. what is call by value and call by refernce

    7. what is array, string , structure

    8. diff. bet.array n string

    9. program of factorial in c

    10. what as transistor

    11. wat is diode

    12. truth table of gate

    13. reliation of gate using NAND

    14. mIcroprocessor 8085, 8086

    15. Tell me about instruction set in 8085 and write some instruction of 8085 ask about machine cycle, description.

    after a war of about 45 minutes I relised that I have won the battle but steal waiting 4 HR AND MR round then call for MR n Hr ROUND IT WAS COMBINED. in this round there was three interviewers n asked me

    1. describe your self

    2. why Tcs hire u

    3. Wat r u doing now

    4. I tell abt I am lecturer in Engg. college then they asked

    5. There is lot of enjoyment in college to meet new people, its amazing after all this joy why u want to join borin life in software corporation, I tell about some good points of Tcs.

    One interviewer was observiing phyology n body language, I was swinging on chair once n asked R u ready to join TCS if called with in a week

    6. What is your weak pts. how u overcome

    this round was about 30 minutes after waiting to 2 hrs. I was not in the shortlisted candidates for medical round.




    best of luck friends



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