TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   TCS Noida Phse 2-08 Oct 2006

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   TCS Noida Phse 2-08 Oct 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012

    the written test conducted by TCS on 23rd Sept. 2006 in Gaziabad it consisted of  three section

    1   verbal
    2. Quantitative.
    3. Logical rreasoning.
    result was declared on 27th Sept.
    Interview was held on 8th Oct (venue: TCS Noida). at 4:30 (off-campus)
    My tech. interview was of 1Hr. 15min. approx.......
    Interviewer- Tell me somthing about yourself.
    Me- ..................
    Int-which was your fav. subject in you curriculam.
    Me- C programming.
    Int- rate yourself on a scale of 10.
    Me- Sir my knowledge is that of a student not that of a professional so i can not give points to myself.
    Int- But you have to give.
    Me- sir 8/10.
    Tip---Make sure you give right points they are going to ask you question according to that dont play safe game means dont give 5/10 you will b in trouble.
    Int- any academic achievment.
    Me- As such I dont have any but I was the highest scorer in C programming in Univ.
    Int- do you know something about SDLC.
    Me- Explained all stages.
    Int- tell me about few models.
    Me-Sir waterfall model, prototype and spiral....I dont remember other models.
    Int- wat is Spiral model.
    Me- Sorry sir dont rem. now I rem. other two.
    Int- tell me about other 2.
    Me- xplained....(not accurately)
    Int- which one wud you use?
    Me- prototype
    Int- why?
    Me- I told him advantages of prototype model.
    Int- Now about C....he gave me a program and I was aked to find was like:-
    x= ++x + ++y;
    wat is the value of x and y;
    x= ++x + x++ + y++;
    wat is the val of x and y;
    Me- answered correctly.
    Int - What are storage classes?
    Me- answered correctly.
    then few more question in C on pointers and pass by refrence....I answered all correctly I know.
    Int.- wat is the diff. between C and C++?
    Me - sir one is structured programming lang. other is OO prog. lang.
    Int- Wat is OOPS?
    answered correctly
    Int- OOPs features?
    Me- Intheritance,Encapsulation...Bla Bla.
    Int- Explain all
    I did
    Int- Tried to trap me in Polymorphism, function overloading and function overriding...
    I got confused with the concepts...
    He explained..
    Int- Tell me about constructors...
    Then he asked about abstract classes...then about interfaces in java...asked about diffrence between C++ and Java.
    I answered all with minor mistakes. I mixed up Java and C++.
    Int- Wat is the extension of executable file in C++ and which file extension we get after compiling Java program.
    Me- .exe in C++ and .class in Java
    Int- How we compile Java program and how we run it then
    Me- Answered Correctly
    Int- which one wud you use C++ or Java.
    Me- Java bcoz of machine independence..
    Int wat is that..
    Me- explained that..bytecode concept..
    At this point he seemed to be satisfied...
    He then asked me about my project....He was good in J2ME and JSR82 so he asked me question in that about bluetooth coding as my project was in that.....but I answerd all as it was not that togh just basics.
    Int- Do you know DBMS.
    Me- Sir SQL I did long back...I dont remember much but I'll try to answer all your questions....
    Int- asked about primary key and forien keys...gave me two tables he said if i have to delete one row can i do that if yes the from which table I can do it first the one with primary or the one with forien key....
    Me- Did not have much idea answerd wrongly.
    Int- Do you have idea about primary key forien key composite key and unique key.
    ME- explained to some extent.
    Int-Back to previous tables...I get error while deleting the row..he told me the error sorry i dont tell me from which table i am deleting the row..
    Me- Again wrong answer....he explained me the concept.
    Then he asked few questions on transactions like commit and rollback.
    Plz do prepare normalization too they ask ques in that too I was not asked about that..
    Int-Do you have ne ques?
    Me- Sir technical or any.
    Int- Any.
    Me- Sir while waiting in the hall I saw a video on plasma display wat was that all about.
    Int- Explained that was a promotional doccumentry...
    was a silly ques I know but he was satisfied... he said I am clearing your Tech round wait for HR and MR...actually they were not telling the result there but he was so much satisfied that he said you have cleared this round I thanked him.....

    My HR and MR was combined as they were running short of time....
    I greeted them..
    Int1-Tell me about yourself.
    Me- Given inttro in brief.
    Int1- your strengts?
    Me- My willingness to learn more and I never give up.
    Int- and wat about you wkness do u have ne?
    Me- Sir I am introvert but i am trying to overcome that.
    Int1- How?
    Me- By making more friends...talking more to them and knowing more about people around.
    Int1- Y u got less marks in 12th than in 10th.
    Me- Sir no excuses for that...I cud have done better but I did not I know...I was actually involved more in painting at that time.
    Int2-You were painting at the time of exams?
    Both started laughing...I smiled.
    Me- sir started painting wen I was in 10 and was more into it by 12th I also won several awards in that..
    Int1- wat awards.
    Me--told him about all the cerificates and medals i won in painting..
    Int1- wat kind of painting were you into.
    Me- all types --poster making ..tile painting and all
    Int1- wat about sketching
    Me- yes sir that too.
    Int1- wat about activities at coll level?
    Me- Sir Dancing was my fav. and I won first prize in inter coll. painting competition too.
    Int1- thats gud...what is break dance ...wat is the diffrence between disco and break dance? were you into solo or group dances..
    Me- Sie I am an ameture dancer dont have much idea...I used to copy wat i used to see on T.V. I performed solo also and group also...I went to dance classes for the group dance to have coordination.
    Int1- so u into disco or break
    Me- sir more into disco.
    Int1- about painting do you go to Bage Bahu(place in jammu) for painting as there are good land scapes..
    Me-No sir actually I use my imagination and then paint..
    Int1- wat about othe hobbies-
    Me - Sir driving ...I love it.
    Int1- wat do you drive 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler.
    Me- sir 4 wheeler.
    Int1- which 1.
    Me- Indica
    Int1- You think it looks good on young people...I dont think then y you drive that.
    Me- Sir its a diesel car so economical.
    Int1- no apart from that parameter?
    Me- sir diesel engine is powerful and moreover my dad had indica I dont have ne other choice
    He the laughed...
    Int1- What is bluetooth(my proj).
    Me- explained.
    Int1- tell me about you proj. was for Nokia 6600 mobile phone
    He took out his nokia 6600 ...
    Int1- r u taking about this phone????
    Me- yes sir.
    His phone started ringing....
    Then he was on phone Int2 started asking...
    Int2- wat are you career objectives..
    I saw the opportunity to hit the six.
    Me- Sir I want to have a big name in software sector so that wen ppl talk abt software technology and the company with which I'll be working they talk about me.
    Int2 started looking at me without saying nething ...was lookiing in my eyes without saying nething fr 15 sec approx.
    I was smiling and looking into his eyes...then I smiled a lil more...
    Int2-Where do you see yourself after 5 yrs?
    this was chance to hit second consecutive six.
    Me- sir I am not anticipating ne thing fr myself fr the time being as I dont have ne idea about the rate of growth in TCS...But i m sure of 1 thing that i'll be working at the position where my colleges and my juniors will be appriciating my work and my seniors will be happy with my services to the company and I'll surely be working hard to achieve my goals.
    Int2 to Int1---Sir I am done do you have ne ques.
    Int1 to Int2- I am also done.
    Int1- Do you have ne ques.?
    Me- Sir 1 ques.
    Int1- wat is it?
    Me- Sir wat are the paremeters on which TCS judge the performance of an employee? my friend is working in TCS he said he got 5/5 what is that exactly.
    Int1- explained in detail...
    Int1 the said--If he got 5/5 he should be a role modle for you.
    Me- Sir I'll surely be working hard to get those 5 on 5.
    Int1- We'll be looking forward for that.Any othe ques.
    Me- No sir thank you.
    Both stand up shake my hand and said go home enjoy yourself and see you result on 16th Oct . on
    Me- sir do i need to wait for HR interview..
    Int1- No we have combined it to save time...he is HR and I am go home and enjoy yourself
    Me- Thank you sir.
    well this was my experience...if you have ne query write me back...

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