TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   TCS ,Hyderabad-06 Oct 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   TCS ,Hyderabad-06 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi.,  friends. I am Basha. I am an MCA graduate.I have attended TCS process in october. The process of written test is very easy. On october 6th I went to write the exam,and come back with so much of happiness.

    For the written test previous papers that r available in this site is more than enough. 

    For Technical Interview
    If u r computer Background prepare subjects that which r in ur academics.
    A few subjects r enough. like.,c,c++,core java(If u know j2ee concepts u can specify in resume),Database,s/w engg,Networks,Data Structures,Operating systems.

    These Subjects r more than enough for computer backgroung students. Where as for the non computers back grounds c,c++  r enough.And some of their subjects also needed. 

    There r approximately 30-40 panels r there for the technical interview. If u through  with the subject then u can through in any of the panels.But there r some panels that they will ask questions very toughly.So be care in the interview before telling the answer. U r next will depend upon the previous answer that u have told. Interviewer may ask any question either easy or tough,.mostly they will ask easy questions only. It's better to prepare a lot for this interview

    I have been selected in this technical round.

    Next MR Interview
    Easy one.,In the recruitment process.
    He asked
    >tell me about u r self
    >why should i hire u
    >why not infosys
    It went upto 20 min. 

    Next HR Interview
    >Tell me about u r self
    >Why tcs
    >what will u do for our company if i hire u
    >He asked about my my percentages in degree.,    as I have 61.7% in degree
    >And asked about my supplementary  exams that I have ever written.
    Suddenly I started to loose confidence bcoz of his -ve answers.
    >And asked some questions on mathematics.
    I shocked and lost some confidence.
    >He asked a lot of questions.,and those questions r not asked in any panel.
    >R u ready for 2 year bond
    >He said  Ok.,"I will getback to you"
    I will getback to you -- is very disappoint phase.
    If any Interviewer told this phase ,It's better to try for other job.

    If our performence is good they won't told that phase in most cases.

    There is a Small diffrence between Success and Failure.that is a line qualifies success to  100%.
    Failure(99% to 90%)

    One last thing ie.,Confident people haves the hope on GOD.

    All the best..!

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