TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   TCS Center -06 Oct 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   TCS Center -06 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    I m Ranvijay Singh given an written exam of tcs at 29 September in Thakur college of Engg. & Tech. Mumbai & call for interview at 6th oct. at tcs office. I m reached the office at 10am & my no. is came at 3.30pm. Perhaps there were 6 panels &  2 person in every the panel. I m went in 1 of the panel.


    ME: Good afternoon sir with smile.

    SIR: Please have a seat
    ME: Thank you sir

    SIR: Where does u stay?

    ME: Sir I stay at Goregoan (E)

    SIR: Tell about ur self

     ME: Told

    SIR: Asked about my schooling because I m done my 10 & 12th  from two different   school
    ME:  told the reason

    SIR: Tell ur favourite subject
    ME: Told Comp. networking & OS

    SIR: Asked Topology, type of topology & give the plain paper to draw all types , GPRS, Piggybacking (explain in term of technical & real term),

    Router & Handshaking
    ME: told all thing but I m Forget the gprs

    SIR:  Asked about to explain my final yr. project (JAVA) & some question related to project like what its use, its future aspects& Interface in java. ME: explain all things very efficiently bt unable to explain the interface

    SIR:  Asked some question on DBMS like Joins & its type , Cartesian product, Views, Normal forms, & ER diagram(abt mapping
    ME: explain all things

    SIR: Inheritance, its type & syntax, Control statement & told to list the syntax of Switch

    ME: explain

    SIR: Diff. between C++& Java, which Inheritance supported by Java& some cross questioning on it

    ME: Told

    SIR: Asked abt HTML, Tag, format (syntax) of html program & list the format of selecting picture in html
    ME: Told but give the wrong syntax of selecting picture, then they give the right syntax

    SIR: Asked some question on S/W engg. Like explain testing & all its types (unit, integration, system, acceptance testing), whitebox, blackbox testing & Stub in term of testing

    ME: Explain all thing but not clear the stub

    SIR: Asked which subject study in last semester

    ME: Told (Comp. Net., Cryptography, Multimedia & Mobile computing)

    SIR: Asked abt Cryptography

    ME: Explain

    SIR: ok

    ME: Thank u sir



    After abt 15 min my name is called & told me that u r gone for HR room for interview, I m very happy at that moment &    enter the HR room , there were many guys filling the HR form . I m take the form & filled very accurately, there were 2 form, 1 is blue form.  At abt 6pm my name is called to go for HR office. Perhaps there were 2 panels, sit in 2 different rooms. I m entered in one of the room (there were 1 lady & 1 gents) & called ?may I coming sir? 

    SIR: Come & Sit down

    ME: thank u sir

    SIR: Asked the mean of my name (Ranvijay)

    ME: Explain

    SIR: Asked 1 of  my favorite Technical subject

    ME: Told Computer networking

    SIR: Asked the OSI layer

    ME: Told

    SIR: Describe any 1 layer within 1 minute

    ME: Explain(Network layer)

    SIR: Asked which layer of OSI is not present in TCP\IP internet model

    ME: Told

    SIR: About FTP

    ME: Told

    SIR: tell the name of Server which serve to many clients

    ME: Don?t Know

    SIR: Describe Client-Server architecture

    Me Explain

    MADAM: Asked abt my year gap

    ME: Told

    MADAM:  Asked about my hobby

    ME: Told listening music & Playing comp. games

     MADAM:  Asked which types of games

    ME: Told Racing & strategy making games like road race, NFS-2 & Prince of Persia.

    MADAM: Some question related to games like in which level u reach

    ME: Told

    MADAM:  Asked when u came in Mumbai & where u stay

    ME: Told

    MADAM:  Asked r u mobile like u can go to Chennai, Bangalore??

    ME: Told Yes

     MADAM:  Asked me to ready for bond (50K+2year) & for Medical test

    ME: Yes Mam

    SIR: Said, ask any question to me

    ME: I m ask that ?The value of Indian rupee is Continuously appreciating in comparison to US $ , what impact of this appreciation on Indian S/W industry & also on TCS?

    SIR: Explain

    ME: Asked that I m heard due to increasing of Indian rupee value the s/w company recruitment is decreases

    SIR: No & Explain

    SIR:  Ok

    ME: Thank u sir.


    Friends the main factor in interview is to always make an Eye contact, +ve attitude, confidence & give the answer in efficient way.




    Er. Ranvijay Singh         

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