TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   SVITS, Indore-25 Jan 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   SVITS, Indore-25 Jan 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi, My faced about 3 stages, first was written - the pattern of which was similar to previous year pprs, though there was some change in data and yeah this time they declared the result at the end... i mean no special screen like "congratulation" or something appeared...
    after i cleared written we were required to submit a copy of our CV and we were given a TCS form to fill.. then there were next stages in queue...

    Technical interview:
    when I was called, the senior who took me said... "Main tujhey jiss panel main ley jaa raha hu ye program banwa rahey hain tu tayar rehna"... i was bit excited.. i entered in lab n the guy gave me a paper on which i had to write code, he made me sit at one corner... the problem was easy though, juss to print the pyramid..
    1 20
    2 19 17
    3 18 16 14
    4 17 15 13 11
    it took ard 4-5 min to solve n i said "sir!!!" he said "ok done?.. wait" i saw there were 6 ppl already in queue.. after 3 i just stood up n said "sir may I" ba` that was not my chance to go... the guy who had to come flaged me n i was now facing interviewer... seemed he was quite professional... no introduction just asked me to explain my program... i said "ok lets debug it... " n i started explaining... then he started reading my cv.. (standing) "ok u know BASH scripting??" i said "yes sir"... then he asked me to make a script which prints a string character by character... i said ok.. n started wid it... meanwhile he was going through my cv... suddenly he said.. "done??"... i just turned the page to him n said "yeah sir"... he saw n said "ok... can u tell me the difference btw K-shell n BASH" i started makin him count.. then he was like "ok ok m giving u this memory space n one pointer now play with it... make programs to print string in reverse, normally, ne 10 char from ne where"... it was again a simple task.. i wrote all tht n then he started pokin with pointers... i managed to show him tht i was correct ol the way ... he said "(smiling)ok u can go.." well tht was my technical...

    then after waiting 5+ hrs I was called for HR.. there were two interviewer.. one lady n one gentleman... they tried to trap me in many situation like... if we send u to pakistan.. if u had to leave job for ur date... what is my weakness... on a scale of 10 hw much u will give urself for confidence... will u be in among selected ppl.. y u take part in coding competition... do i have gf... what is logic according to me... n many more...


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