TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   SIT College Of Eng,Siliguri-17 Feb 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   SIT College Of Eng,Siliguri-17 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi frends, This is Olivia from Siliguri Institute Of Technology.We had our TCS campussing on the 15 th and 17th of February,2008.The campussing was done in two rounds .The first was the aptitude exam round which was an online examination process.Its instructions were clearly given by the invigilators present there . I request my fellow friends to kindly listen to the instructions n clear out any doubt there itself. The examination was of 90 mins with a stipulated time period for each section.The english was tough but those who have mastered Barron's 12th and 13th edition wont find it very difficult.For Quantitative section practise the prevoius years paper thoroughly, you are likey to get a lot commom from there and for the rest R.S Agarwal is more than enough.

    The thing wich is most important there is time management and an efficiency in answering questions.Dont be tensed and be calm.All the best.

    Once you have qualified the aptitude you will be called for your interview and before that you will have to fill in a blue form with your personal details.Instructions will be given therein. 

    On the 17th of February we had to face our interviews. There was only one round where both questions from Technical field as well as HR questions were asked. 

    My interview went something like this:
    Me: gud evening  sir.
    Interviewer: So u r olivia.
    Me : Yes sir. (with a smile)
    Interviewer: Tell me somethin about urself.
    Me answered.
    Interviewer : write a program to reverse a string using pointers in c.
    Me: done.
    Interviewer: what is a getch() used for?
    Me: amswered
    Interviewer: what r the different ways of cpu scheduling?
    Me: answered
    Interviewer: u seem to hav been scjp certified at a vry young age,how did u get it? (going through my certificates)
    Me: yes sir,(told the process of certification)
    Intervierwer:  wat r ur weak points?
    Me :answered
    Interviewer: wat r ur strenghths?
    Me: answered.
    Interviewer wat do u mean by a project?
    Me: answered. (gave me a smile 4 my answer)
    Interviewer: wat r the qualities of a leader?
    Me: answered
    Interviewer: wat are the diff betn oop and pop?
    Me: answered
    Interviewer: Why do u want to get into tcs?
    Me: answered.
    Interviewer: thank u olivia.
    Me: thank u ,sir. 

    They were very frendly and there is absolutely no reason to be tensed there.One should be confident enough and he or she will surely be qualified.

    heres wishin al my frends al da best 4 dere fothcomin campussin and see u soon at tcs.Al Da Best!!!

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