TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Not Specified-28 Dec 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Not Specified-28 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi All,

    If you are preparing seriously for the TCS this will surely help you.
    TCS came to our college in the end of 2010
    Totally around 1400 appeared and finally 240 got selected
    There were 3 rounds
    1) Aptitude (35 questions)
    2) Technical Interview
    3) HR
    First Round (Aptitude)
    The Written test consists of 35 questions, no verbal so don't worry about that concentrate on the TCS old papers it will help.
    But don't completely rely on the old papers because from this year they have changed the pattern and the questions so we can expect some new questions also.

    You have to register yourself in the nexstep website of TCS. more information about this registration will be provided by your college.
    After a successfull registration you will be allowed to take two previews for the aptitude test (sample test)
    Be careful that this preview marks are most important so dont be careless as it is just a preview

    Most of the questions will be from the preview only. So practice all the preview questions well out of 35 questions you will get approximately 20 questions based on the preview questions.
    Barrons GRE and Agarwal will help a lot in clearing this round

    Technical Interview
    This round is also very easy don't worry much about that all the questions will be from your area of interest in the resume or about your project so choose wisely when you are selecting your area of interest have a complete knowledge about the architecture, tools, db, language that you are using in your project you may be asked to write simple  programs 

    I went inside the tech interview room
    HR: Good Morning How was the day?
    ME: Good morning sir. Today was fantastic.
    HR: Tell me about yourself
    Me: First told  name, then my characters (strength) with example for each (don't mention weakness), then about my achievements, then my school and family in short.
    HR: Oh your father is from cinema field what about you
    Me: No sir not interseted in cine field. After seeing my father
    HR: Why
    Me: Because he struggled a lot
    HR: Ya in cine field you must struggle a lot
    HR: Ok why all are putting data structures as field of interest are you all copying a single resume
    Me: Sir I don't know about others. Whatever I know that only I can put in resume
    HR: So you know datastructures
    Me: Yes sir
    HR: Ok what is the toughest program in ds lab
    Me: Implementing stack and queue using singly linked list (because I know that so only I told and its not at all tough)
    HR: Ok then tell logic for inserting a node in doubly linked list
    Me: Told
    HR: Ok tell the diff bet structures and unions
    Me: Told
    HR: Union use less mem so wat is the need of strutures
    Me: No ans just smiled and thinking
    HR: Everything has sme disadv and adv
    Then he passes to next question
    HR: Tell about your project
    ME: told
    HR: So you know only designing (because I told designing was my part)
    ME: No sir we shared the work I will do designing but I know connectivity also
    HR: What db u use
    Me: Oracle 10g
    HR: So uknow oracle
    Me: Yes sir
    HR: Then tell update query
    Me: Told
    HR: Are you ready to work in night shifts
    Me: Yes sir
    HR: How an i believe
    Me: I have worked in college tech days in night so its ok for me
    HR: Ok are you ready to sign bond
    Me: Yes sir
    HR: Are you ready to relocate
    Me: Yes sir
    HR: Ok thank u any ques
    Me: Askd abt the training and he answered

    Then I gave a good handshake and left

    HR round:
    Its the much easier round just be confident and you got placed
    HR: What you know about TCS
    Me: Told
    He: What will you do if you are plaed in TCS
    Me: I want to grow along with the company. I will involve in R&D so that I can improve my knowledge and companys
    HR: Are you ready to work in night shifts
    Me: Yes sir
    HR:  Are u ready to sign bond
    Me: Yes sir
    HR: Are you ready to relocate
    Me: Yes sir
    HR: Ok thank you. You can leave

    And finally i got placed

    My suggestion is be confident and try to say truth in the interview as long as it wont affect you. But don't tell lie they will easily find that
    All The Best!

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