TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   NIT Durgapur-10 Apr 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   NIT Durgapur-10 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    HI FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!! This is Rupam Mukherjee alongwith Parikshit Dutta from NIT DURGAPUR en route to TCS. TCS visited our institution on 9th and 10th april. It was awarded the first slot.I,RUPAM is from CHEMICAL and Parikshit is from MECHANICAL. so, 

    the selection procedure consisted of three parts: first it was the written test called the TCS talent test followed two rounds of interview christened as 'TECH' round succeeded by the MANAGEMENT round.Frankly speaking we didnt prepare anything for the test.Prepare the vocabs and few quants from the recent papers.That suffice ur purpose.Quantitative aptitude is very easy and r mostly of class 10 level and nyways....he he...they are mostly marked earlier b'coz the same paper is circulated in all the colleges.Moreover no need to prepare a CV because they provide with a personal data form and it is all that counts.Here r the questions asked in the interview......aproxx 45+15 mins (total)

    I:which companies come here?
    R: named a few..

    I: describe CONDUCTION..
    R:described wid a diagram..

    I: described distillation column..                           

    I: How is petrolium refined...
    R: told dat hasnt been covered yet..

    I:write a C program printing name...

    i cleard the tech round and advanced to the M.R round in the afternoon......

    I; tell me abt urself..
    R: told too much...

    I: asked something on my weakness..
    I: whos favourite actress..                    

    I: but she s gettin married..
    R: i ll still get her after 10 yrs..

    I: why chattin in internet..
    R: sir, it s far more SPICY..

    the person laughed heartily and i ws sure i ll clear it and later in the it ws rejoicing time for of luck to u all...v ll meet in TCS...stay confident,cool not forget to shake hands.                                                                          

    Rupam & Parikshit

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