TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   NIE, Mysore-31 Jul 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   NIE, Mysore-31 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    HI ALL!!!
    TCS was the 2nd mass company which came to our college campus!!

    The first company i wrote... 

    My only consideration was working for a company based in India ..N there were s few..BUT TATA was always the first choice.

    for,TCS is asia 's no.1 company...the best work environment(lot of grt feedback from my seniors)!!


    we had our online test on 31st july,..results were announced soon..N i was shortlisted along with other 89 out of around 180-200 who took the online test!!! n they gave us forms n gave instructions to fill the form...BUT for our surprize,INTERVIEWS were postponed to the next day!!


    in one way,it was good as we now had ample time for preparation for tech n other rounds...!! but 'tension' was postponed !!

    Made the best use of the available time...prepared on my fav subjects-digital electronics,logic design,communication subjects.

    i am ECE!! ECE has so subjects of wide was difficult to cover al..


    the BIG day arrived!! 1st august! TCS has long interview process.. comprising of THREE rounds





    they started interviews at 9:30...N the final list was announced late,...V late 7...{we ECE, finished all rounds by 1:30..n that was like 7 hours of waiiitin ...i guess we were having a kinda 'stress round' :)  }



    thr were two interviewers in my panel...

    int1:- archana...

    int2:-yess,,take ur seat... me about urself...

    me:-just briefed about my school,pu college,n family background...(i missed my brothers name)...:) (i was about to add that...)

    int1:-u dont hav any siblings?

    me:-yess mam...(gave details)...

    int1:-hahaa....u forgot ur brotherrr...

    {Both in m panel N also al other rounds ,the HR's were vvvvv coool...i had grt timeee...they made me comfortable n answered confidently}


    int1:-so.. ur careeer graph is goin down...why ? 

    me:- i explained them.. i jus told them the truth...that i dint work hard in my 5th sem...and immediately added that i had done my 6th sem well n was confident of gettin good marks...(say truth,they wil like it)

    int1:- why tcs?

    me:- i told them ..that i was keen to work in TATA..n lotzzz more..(because i love them...i knew a whole lot of things about tata industries,who were pioneers of industries in india ...N how proud indians are abt the tata grp..n expressed my sincere desire to be a part od TATA group...N how TCS paved the way for IT boom in india )


    thn the remaining part was tech questions..

    wil jus brief abt the questions..

    explainn modulation...analog n digital..?

    different types of modulation...(i asked for paper..) n started explaining abt amplitude,frequency n phase modulations...the waveforms n equations...

    wht is a counter..?

    explain working of ring counter..

    n realise three bit counter using flipflops..?

    wht is a diode...working...

    FET..i jus knew its types..but not deeply..

    (i had not gone thru its workin...i failed here to explain...) i told them 'not able to recollect mam...she smiled 'itz ok..'..

    thn int2...was asking C..

    wht are classes?..

    difference between functions and subroutines...?

    private n public variable?

    n  few other qustions...not able to recal...

    {wanna include few questions which were asked for my friends ...

    1.write a c prog for * * * * *

                                       * * * *

                                         * * *

    2.abt transistors..whr exactly npn n pnp transistors are used...}


    followed by tech was MR n HR...very simple  rounds..basically to test one's communication skills...N how confident we are are etc..

    TCS ceo ,slogan,history,..its imp to knw ..

    IN MR round i was asked to explain digital communications A to z(sampling,quantisation,diff types of modulation,spread spectrum modulation)


    N Thats itt!! a few were disqualified after tech round...finally at 7...results were OUT...55 were shortlisted..My name was thr tooo...

    YOYO!!! :) all d best .... i was smiling thru out all the rounds...( dnt knw why :p )..i was so exciteddd!


    Meet ya at tcs!!!
    Archana Raj

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