TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   New Horizon College Of Engg.-06 Oct 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   New Horizon College Of Engg.-06 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Friends,  I am sahithi.Let me tell u  how to prepare and what to prepare for TCS (Exam and Interview)
    I have attended for tcs in bangalore (off-campus) on 6th sep 2007 at New Horizon College of Engg. Sarjapur Road,it was an on-line examination .u have a total of 82Questions .

    Written test:
    There will be 3 sections -1. synonyms-10Q  -10M
    Antonyms-10Q  -10M
    passages(1)-6Q -6M

    synonyms & Antonyms have to prepare from GRE book(12th Edition)
     and from previous papers. one passage will be given which consists of 6 questions which is very tough to attempt and then 4 small passages each with a single question will be given .These passages will be from GRE (12th edition) model papers . GRE book consists of 5 model papers and 2 diagonistic tests ---u have to prepare all the papers with out leaving any question even passages  if u learn this it will be very easy to attempt last 4 questions .

    coming to section -2. Aptitude(40Q) --40M
    for aptitude questions  u just prepare all the questions from previous papers its more than enough to attempt the aptitude section.In this section u can score more marks.

    then in section -3. passages(3) -4Q  --12M
    This is very easy section where u can score 12 out of 12 marks if u prepare all passages from GRE book (Analytical ability pg:382,and all passages in model papers)  
    Technical Interview:
    I had interview on 27th sep at 7A.M(first day, first batch)
    There is  no group discussion for the people who have interviews on the first day and  for that we are very lucky beco'z they will eliminate more on g.d . we had 2 H.R's in our tech round,they were very free and jovial .they made me to be more comfortable.

    The questions were as follows:
    1.Tell me about ur self
    2.what is normalization
     Decomposing a complex table in to smaller tables .(very simple definition.even though u learn the original definition but u have to express that in ur own words using some technical words in the middle)
    3.what r the normal forms 
    first NF,second NF,third NF,BCNF,fourth NF and fifth NF.
    4.I think u have only 3 NF's know?
     actually first 3 NF's are practically implemented and was popular to know but the next 3 NF's are not implemented practically.
    5.what is call by reference and call by value?
     In call-by-value ,we pass the arguments as normal parameters where as in call-by-reference ,we pass the arguments with their addresses.
    6.In which one the values will be changed and why?
     In call by reference ,the values will be changed .since we pass the arguments with their  addresses ,the values will be changed in memory directly.
    7.Retrive the data of all employee's from emp table whose emp number is greater than 100.
     select * from emp where empno > 100;
    8.update the phone number of an employee in emp table.
     update emp set phno=12345 where phno=5685;
    9.what is a structure?
     A structure is a convinient tool where we can group logically related data items .
    10. write the syntax of a structure?
    struct student
    int no;
    char *name;
    string address;
    11.Do u know about the sport cricket?
     yes sir
    12.It consists of 11 players know?
     yes sir
    13.Then i will give u a situation ,draw the flow chart for it?
     ok sir
    14.Indian cricketers will play 10 matches and i want the highest score among all the matches.
     for this i have intialized high to zero,and compared the score value with high.if score is greater than high then high=score .....
    15.what r ur strengths?
    I can ensure that any work undertaken by me will be completed in time.
    16.can u give me an example for that?
     ofcourse sir,while i am preparing for my exams ...i have 6 subjects and each with 5 units ..i will allot time for each subject and with in that time i will complete it.i think this is the best example . did u completed in that alloted time?
     yes sir.
    18.will u revise that once again?
     yes sir.i will allot time for revision also
    19.what r ur weakness?
     I agree that no humanbeing will be there with out a weakness but i can say that i have no weakness that can cause any harm to the organisation in any manner ...(tell them the weakness that dont cause any harm to the organisation like fond of choclates,scared of lizards,dogs............) u know there is bond for TCS?
     yes sir it is of 2 years.
    21.r u willing to sign the bond?
     yes sir
    22.if we will place u in kashmir will u work?
     yes sir
    23.if we will place u in trivandrum,r u willing to go there?
     yes sir. u r willing to work any where in india?
     ofcourse sir.
    25.what is verification and validation?
     If we have done any work and if we check that whether we have done is correct or not then it is said to be verification....and where as coming to
    validation if we will write a pgm in which we have taken char as a datatype and while executing we will give either int or float then it should display a msg like u have to enter only character variables and this is validation check.
    26.ok thanku sahithi

    Thanku sir.
    After waiting for 15 min they have anounced the names who were proceeded for the H.R round........

    H.R Round:
    As there were many students they combined the h.r round with m.r round in this round also there were 2 H.R.Person's this round will be very casual round
    Questions were as follows:
    1.Tell me about ur self
    2.what r ur favourite subjects?
    3.On which operating systems did u work?
    4.Draw the architecture of unix? do u came to know about TCS?
      Some of my friends are working with TCS and actually i have applied for TCS before release of my final results and recently i got call letter from u and i have attended the xam.
    6.Do u the bond od TCS?
     yes mam,it is of 2 years
    7.what r the domains on which TCS is working?
     sorry mam i dont know
    9.where is the head-Quarters of TCS located?
    10.who is the CEO of TCS?
    11.If u will get a better oppurtunity than this ,which will u prefer?
     I will prefer TCS mam
     Because i like 2 things about tcs which no other company will do like that..
     a.It not only takes from the society in return it gives something to the society like launching IIS(Indian Institute of Science)in bangalore for advanced learning and the other one...
     b.every year 68% of its revenues are spending on social services  and so i would like to be part of TCS.
    13.ok ---------All the best
     Thanku mam ,thanku sir

    This is my final round and the results were out on nov 8th and  by god's grace i was one of the most happiest person in the world at that time.

    some more technical questions : these were asked to some of my friends.
    1.write the program for factorial using pointers?
    2.what are oops concepts?explain me with a real time example?
    3.write a pgm for reversing a string using double linked list?
    4.some panels, they are asking only u must be perfect with ur project
    u have to learn atleast a small part of coding(one module)atleast of 10 to 20 of my frnd ,she was attended in hyderabad,asked her to write the code of her project.
    5.what r the differences between java and c++?
    6. diff between c and c++? 

    for cse students c,os,java,dbms,cn....are important subjects
    some of the important points about the History of TATA's
    1.  1868- Jamsetji Nuserwanji Tata starts a private trading firm,laying the foundation of  the Tata group.
    2.  1911-The Indian Institute of Science is established in bglr to serve as a center for advanced learning.
    3.  1952-Jawaharlal Nehru,Indias first prime Minister,requests the group to manufacture cosmetics in India,leading to the setting up of Lakme
    4.  1968-TCS,indias first software services company is established as a division of Tata sons.
    5.  1970-Tata McGraw Hill publishing company is created to publish educational and technical books.
    6.  1991-Tata Motors rolls out its millionth vehicle (2 million mark was reached in 1998 and third million in 2003)
    7.1998- Tata Indica-Indias first indigenously designed and manufactured car is launched by Tata Motors,spearheading the groups entry into the passenger car segment.
    8.1999-the new Tata group corporate mark and logo are launched.
    9.companys vision is to reach global top 10 IT services by 2010.
    10.presently the deputy chairman of TCS is Mr. F.C.Kohli.
    11.S.Ramadorai named "Business Man Of The Year 2004" by Business India.
    12.Mission of the company --customer satisfaction
    13.value --respect for individual learning and sharing.

     These r some of the important points which are to be known before attending the Interview.May be  this is useful to atleast some of the students.

    All The Best

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