TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Mumbai- 1 Sep 2005

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Mumbai- 1 Sep 2005

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello ,

    I got selected in TCS in September at the Mumbai Off-Campus. Wud like to thank Chetna madam and all the members of the group who helped to do so. As I have come to know that a based recruitment is expected
    around 10th of Jan, I am sharing the Tech and HR questions:-

    After the written, first Tech interview is taken. The panel had two persons.

    Q: Hello Sahil, have a seat.
    Me: good mornig sir, thanks a lot.

    Q: tell me something about yourself.
    Me: ( I started with my aim(as in the resume) and a brief desc about my B.E., then coming straight away to my accomplishments basically related to the field. My + points, and showing that I have been a constant
    performer since my schooldays. Pointing out participation in various events as the certificates were there in my resume (basically to show all round interest). Also pointing out my hobbies and interest.

    Q: so u play basket ball.. r u a dunker?
    Me: no sir but I am good at dribbling. (thing is that they can ask u anything related to what u write in yur resume)

    Q: what r u favourite languages and subjects?
    Me: C,C++,DBMS and SE.

    Q: be sure bcos we r going to ask u questions on that.
    Me: yes Sir, I am very sure. And I am good at coding too.

    Q: (they started with the questions) Design a switch case for an integer
    Me: (did it).

    Q: now modify it for a float.
    Me: it doesn't work for it.

    Q: WAP for comparing two strings.
    Me: (made it)

    Q: how do you test this program?
    Me: I can make test cases by specifying different inputs

    Q: all right then design test cases for me.
    Me: (I made different inputs for both the strings and showed it to them)

    Q: Show me some more inputs
    Me: I tried but cudn't giv more than 7-8 inputs.

    Q: can we have some more inputs.
    Me: it's possible if u put in more thinking but exhaustive testing is not possible

    Q: But all possible cases must be tried.
    Me: yes sir.

    Q: tell me what is testing?
    Me: (I answered)

    Q: what r the different type of testing methods?
    Me: (Answered)

    Q: what do you mean by SDLC and SWDLC?
    Me: (Answered)

    Q: what r the various phases of SDLC?
    Me: (Answered)

    Q: All right, Sahil. U may leave now. Have a nice day.
    Me: Thank you, Sir. Good day Sir.

    After 5 mins I got my result and I had cleared the tech. Then comes the HR. I am directly writing the questions as the answers may differ individually.

    Tell me something about u?
    Tell me something about TCS?
    U have presented a paper on missile systems, tell me something about it?
    He took a project and asked me why I used Access in it and its database implications slightly.
    What r yur strengths?
    Do you know about the bond with TCS?
    What if we send u to Pakistan or timbaktoo?
    (be prepared for such question and smile a bit rather than laughing heavily on such questions)
    do you have any questions for us?
    I asked 2 questions:
    1. What will be my job profile and how do I see my chances of growing in yur organization?
    2. How do u see that yur clients are satisfied with yur services and what r the parameters that help u in doing it?

    So these were my set of questions. Wish u all the best.

    (Paper Submitted By : Sahil Sharma)

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