TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Manorama Mangal Karyala, Pune-01 Oct 2006

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Manorama Mangal Karyala, Pune-01 Oct 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012




    Hi, everyone !!!!!!!!!!

    Myself, Sayali Gaikwad.

    I got selected in TCS through an OFF-CAMPUS fresher?s drive.  I would like to share my experience with u all. It will help in ur preparation for the next drive.


    The test was conducted on 1st October ?06 at Pune. Results were declared on 6th October on the portal. I was very happy to see my name in the shortlisted candidates list. My interview was scheduled on 18th October.


    The written test duration was 90 mins. There were I think 4 papers viz. W, X, Y, Z (or 5, I don?t remember). I had got paper Y. The paper consisted of 3 sections as usual???


    1.      Verbal Section

    a.       Synonyms, Antonyms

    b.      A paragraph containing around 10 blanks. We had to fill in appropriate sentences

    c.       5 questions based on a paragraph

    2.      Quantitative Aptitude Section

    a.       Simple Quantitative questions

    b.      Questions based on Venn diagram

    c.       Questions based on Bar chart

    3.      Critical Reasoning Section


    Almost 60% of the questions were repeated from previous question papers. Only the figures change. So please refer to previous papers. Learn the method for solving the questions. There was no Negative marking.





    Tech. Interview was very easy.The panel consisted of 2 gentlemen. Both of them were friendly and they made me comfortable. They took my interview for around 25 mins.


    Q.        Hello Sayali, have a seat. How r u?

    Me.      Fine Sir, Thank u. (I was a bit tensed?.. but later on they made me comfortable)

    Q.        Tell me about urself.

    Me.      (I told them abt my school, junior college and graduation life, abt my family).

    Q.        Explain me the SDLC phases.

    Me.      (I explained).

    Q.        Ok Sayali, u have done Oracle and Software Testing Course, it means that u r

    interested in testing.

    Me.     Actually sir, I am interested in developing. I did the course just to understand the testing process conducted in software companies.

    Q.        What is RDBMS?

    Me.      Relational Database Management System wherein data is stored in the form of tables and there exists a relation between the tables which is also stored in the form of tables.

    Q.        What is a Cursor?

    Me.      For processing of every query, ORACLE allocates memory. Cursor is a pointer to this memory. It acts like a buffer.

    Q.        What is an Index?

    Me.      Index is used by ORACLE for fast retrieval of data. Every row in the database has an index.

    Q.        Every row has an index??????

    Me.      Oops?..!!!!!!! Sorry sir. I mean every row has a ROWID?..

    Q.        Right? Which is the latest ORACLE version?

    Me.      It?s ORACLE 10G sir. (Not sure)

    Q.        What is a tablespace?

    Me.      (I was thinking. He thought I am tensed. He smiled and said ?Don?t get tensed. Have some water.?) I am not tensed, sir. I can?t remember. (Be frank if u don?t know the answer)

    Q.        Ok. Now tell me the types of testing. Explain with the help of diagram.

    Me.      (Myself, explained).

    Q.        What automated tool did u use for testing?

    Me.      Winrunner. I was taught only the basics of winrunner.

    Q.        Given an e-mail application, how will u test it?

    Me.      (I explained everything in details).

    Q.        Ok. Now, have a look at this code and tell,

    a.      What will be the output?

    b.      What will be the output if values of A and B are interchanged?

    c.      What will be the output if A and B have same values?


    A = 20;

    B = 10;

    If A>B then

                Print A;


                Print B;

    Me.      (This one was quite simple).


    Now, the other person took over???..


    Q.        What is the difference between C and C++?

    Me.      (I listed very few of them).

    Q.        Does C++ have structures?

    Me.      Yes sir.

    Q.        What is Polymorphism?

    Me.      Ability to take more than one form. In case of Operator Overloading, operator is given a different meaning.

    Q.        Ok, now write a code for adding 2 strings using operator overloading.

    Me.      (I wrote it. It was correct).

    Q.        Is VB object oriented? Does it support Polymorphism and Inheritance?

    Me.      No. (I was not sure)

    Q.        Can we use Windows API calls in VB 6.0?

    Me.      Yes sir. But I don?t know how.

    Q.        What is the difference between HTML and XML?

    Me.      (I could remember very few).

    Q.        Why do we have Javascript?

    Me.      Used for building user-interactive web pages.

    Q.        Even ASP.NET can be used. Then why Javascript?

    Me.      Don?t know sir.

    He.       Ok Sayali, no more questions to ask.

    Me.      Thank u sir.


    I left the cabin with confidence. I was sure that I will get shortlisted for the MR and

    HR round and I was.





    HR interview was the best. One gentleman took the interview. He was very very friendly. He was a young guy of around 28-29 yrs of age.


    He.       Hi Sayali?.. Tell me something about urself.

    Me.      (I introduced myself???)

    He.       What r ur hobbies? Ur strengths n weaknesses?

    Me.      I like listening music, playing casio, ?? I am a good programmer, good team-worker, ?? My biggest weakness is watching TV.

    He.       I don?t think that watching TV is a weakness. In fact it relaxes ur mind. Any other weakness? Or u r not aware of any?

    Me.      Yes sir.

    He.      Okk?.. Explain me about ur projects. What?s this ?Zodiac World? project about?

    Me.      (I explained everything in detail).

    He.       Does anyone use it or u implemented it just for fun?

    Me.      Actually sir, this project is useful for astrologers to predict the future happening. No one has used it till now.

    He.       Now tell me something about ur ?Super Shoppee Software?.

    Me.      (I told him about the software, its working, facilities that it provides. He was quite impressed).

    He.       It must be a nice software. Why didn?t u give it to any shopkeeper for use?

    Me.      We (me and my group) didn?t give it, but we visited few shops to note down their requirements and accordingly built the software.

    He.       Oh great?.!!! And what abt ur final year project?

    Me.      It is a ?Generic Filter Driver For File Classification??blah?blah?blah?.

    He.       Now tell me how is it useful for a user??

    Me.      (I told him, but he was not satisfied with my answer  Then I explained him in detail).

    He.       Good. Ok. Tell me about ur interests.

    Me.      I would like to work in DBMS, System Programming.

    He.       Why? Any specific reason????

    Me.      I like programming in ORACLE, writing queries??.. And I like to play with the system.

    He.       Oh Good?!!! Are u flexible? But what if u r given some other area to work in?? will u work??

    Me.      No problem sir. Whatever work I will be given, I will be committed to it. I will put my efforts in it.

    He.       And what abt Mainframe?? Will u work?

    Me.      Sure sir. I will learn all the new technologies.

    He.       But Mainframe is an old tech.

    Me.      Even if it is an old tech., it will be new for me sir.

    He.       Ya sure. Do u know that if u get selected, u will have to sign a bond of 2 yrs?

    Me.      Yes sir. No problem with that?..

    He.       Ok. What do u knw abt TCS??

    Me.      It is world?s leading IT consultancy n services company??.blah..blah?. It has been awarded ?Company of the Year? award in this year?s economic times awards. Also, ?APONLINE? which is a joint venture between TCS and Andhra Pradesh government is awarded Microsoft e-governance award??..(I was confident).

    He.       Oh Great? It means u read newspapers. U knw the latest news abt TCS?

    Me.      Yes sir?.(He was impressed. There was a big cute smile on his face).

    He.       Do u have any questions to ask?

    Me.      Yes sir. I wanted to knw abt APONLINE in detail.

    He.       It is a joint venture????.

    Me.      (He explained abt it in detail.)

    He.       Any more questions?

    Me.      No sir. 

    He.       Good. That?s all from my side. Just wait outside. Nice meeting u?!!

    Me.      Same here. Thank you sir.



    Then I left the cabin. I thought all the rounds were over. But suddenly after 15 mins I was called for the MR interview.




    He.       Hello Sayali, tell me abt urself, ur interests, hobbies, strengths, weaknesses.

    Me.      (I repeated the same).

    He.       Didn?t u have any campus in ur college? Why didn?t u get selected?

    Me.      We do have campus every year and even this year we had it. I was shortlisted for an interview but could not clear it. And my average was not 60%. So I could not apply for other companies.

    He.       Why was ur average not upto the mark?

    Me.      I scored good marks in my TE and final year bcoz it had all technical subjects.

    He.       So u mean to say that now u are matured?

    Me.      Yes sir.

    He.      Suppose u r given an assignment and time of one week to complete it. Will u take help from a person already expert in that area or u will implement it on ur own? What if u get stuck?

    Me.      I will try for first 2 days on my own, will do a research on the assignment, go thru some related stuff, and still if I am stuck then I will take some help from my senior. But first I will try to solve the problem on my own.

    He.       Do u have any relatives working in TCS?

    Me.      Yes sir. I have a cousin working in TCS.

    He.       So did u ask him abt TCS?

    Me.      No sir. I wanted to experience on my own.

    He.       But u can?t experience in a single day.

    Me.      Yes sir. (I think I should have given a better answer. He was trying to trap me. Actually that?s what recruiters do.).

    He.       Ok fine. No more questions. U may go now.

    Me.      Thank u sir.



    Then after some time a guy called few selected candidates n told that 90% was over from their side and congratulated us for clearing the interviews. He told us to visit their portal by 27th Oct to check the final list of selected candidates. But the results were postponed and were out on 3rd Nov. I was happy to see my name in the list.  

    So this was my experience with TCS. I spent my whole day in TCS. I have captured these sweet memories.

    I wish all the aspirants ALL THE BEST. Work hard and smart for the test and interview and u r thru?





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