TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   LakiReddy BaliReddy College Of Engg, Mylavaram-11 Jun 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   LakiReddy BaliReddy College Of Engg, Mylavaram-11 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hai friends, this is pavani from laki reddy bali reddy coll of engineering completed btech 3rd year. TCS had visited our coll for campus selections on june 11th. I was selected for TCS on that day. I want to share my experience with you.

    TCS Pattern has 4 Rounds,
    1) Written Test (online)
    2) Technical
    3) Managerial Review
    4) HR

    Written test is very easy. It has 3 sections, 1) verbal 2) Aptitude 3) Analytical
    In verbal it contain 10 synonyms, 10 antonyms , 1 blank passage, and comprehension.
    For VERBAL and ANALYTICAL just go through GRE  Barrons 12th editions Model Test papers.
    For Aptitude Go through previous papers (Very EASY)

    Technical and MR:
    Luckily for me they conducted both TR, MR at the same time. The interviewer is very cool person and he wished me very pleasently.

    Interviewr (I) : Tell me about your self.
    Me (M) : I answerd this question as usually and i added about my seminar topics.
    I : Two questions on seminar topics.
    I:  Why you take computer science branch?
    I: What will you do after joining in this company?
    M: I want to do projects.
    I: Wat is meant by project?
    M : I answerd with smiling face
    I: Wat is ur fav. language? C or JAVA
    M :  C
    I: why?
    M This is my 1st language.
    I: Which concept u like most in C?
    M: Pointers, arrays
    I: Write 1 program to reverse my name with  using pointes?(RAJEEV)
    M: I write for that name only
    I: Genarlize it for any name?
    M : I explain it.
    I:  He gave me 2-D array and asked me to sort.
    M: I told 1 technique.
    I: He asked 1 query in SQL , on COUNT function
    I : Why TCS?

    Friends, All questions are depends on your answers only. Please be prepare well for all  MR and HR questions with perfect answers. But dont lie. My interview was happend nearly 35 miniutes. and I am the 1st person to be interviewd in that pannel. In our branch out of 33 , 18 were cleared for written test. in those 7 members TR+ MR. and remain

    Friends, to me HR was very bad. HR was fully depends on ur personal skills , achievements, hobbies wat wewrite in our resumes. Out of  7, 6 were selectd for TCS. Results were announced at 11.30 pm and  total interview process is 3 days. Totally 53 were selected from my coll.

    Thank you,  ALL THE BEST

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