TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Kolkata-14 Feb 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Kolkata-14 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello everybody, I am Hritabrata Basak from Techno India, Salt lake, Kolkata in 3rd yr Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering. We faced TCS selection process on 14th Feb and 17th Feb. I am going to summarize it briefly.
    Online Aptitude Test: ( on 14th Feb)
    There were 3 sections...
    1) Verbal (25 ques /// 20 mins)
    2) Quantative (38 ques //// 40 mins)
    3) Critical reasoning (12 ques /// 30 mins).....

    u have to start with the verbal section first......its compulsory..........and after every time limit....the current section automatically vanishes and the next section comes keep and eye on the time...there is no upper/sectional cut off...and the total cut off is around 50-60%(for our college).... Mark All if there is no negative marking (we had none) .. And a small tip: the ?c? option is tentative ans for most questions.. so try ur luck with those unknown.

    For the verbal part, I would suggest everybody to leave it on luck..... Practice from BARRONS GRE.. if possible. There were 10 synonyms, antonyms and 2 passages each with 5 ques apiece for our paper.

    For the Quantative reasoning...i wud suggest. to  practice sums like...time and work, Ratio, Percentage, etc.....first try to attempt q/s that u know and can answer....And plzz c the prev papers.. they hav tendency 2repeat the same sums only wit changed data?

    For critical reasoning i wud again suggest you to the sum carefully and create blocks/graph to represent the sum....answer the q/s seeing the block /graph.... the problems are really difficult.. For us there are 3 paragraphs ( blood relation problem , visa problem)  wit 4 ques from each.. practice and try ur luck and u may get common passages and if possible mug up difficult ones while practicing.
    Out of 357 candidates 243 were selected thru the aptitude test.

    TECHNICAL+HR: (on 17th feb)
    Well they were very friendly. I was lucky to have only one in my front.
    Inter: Tell me about yourself.
    Me: ans given
    Inter: What is your hobbies?
    me: Swimming and Travelling.
    Inter : Where did u travel and why?
    We had some discussion about Travelling
    Inter: gave me a situation reaction test
    Me : answered
    Inter: What is C , Ds , Algorithm and Sorting. What is the quickest sorting method? Why?
    me: answered
    Inter: write an algo to find the LCM of 2 nos.
    me: written
    Inter: Why TCS
    Me : answered
    Inter: TCS Experience certainty.. Explain
    Me : answered
    Inter: do u have any ques??
    me: sir can u tell me about your training and work culture?
    He answered.
    Inter :thank you Hritabrata .. nice to meet u.. we had a handshake and then I left

    well take a well preparation on basics of C, DS and core  subjects of ur stream like I had prepared 8085 micro and digital electronics. Out of 243 left 143 were selected from our college..

    Be confident and cool......and crack it. Don?t be nervous or arrogant. Speak softly

    Crack it.
    Best of luck!!!!!!!!!! meet you in TCS!!!!!!!!

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