TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Kohinoor Park , Hyderabad-19 Sep 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Kohinoor Park , Hyderabad-19 Sep 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends... I am J.H.N.R.PAVAN(ECE) and my TCS ID is CMC089  I Have Joined The EDGE course in CMC and my TCS written test was on  september 8 ,Technical on september 18, M.R and H>R reounds on september19.  
    With God?s Grace I cleared my AptitudeTest, Technical ,M.R and H.R rounds and my result was announced on october 23(Total 56 students wre placed and iam one among them)..  

    The Questions Asked Were as Follows:
    Looking at my resume he said GOOD Acads, Where did u copy this Resume(OBJECTIVE) from? I said from my senior So u r  from ECE background, and u have done a Software Project And then he directly asked me to explain about my project I explained my academic project (same as EDGE project (Software Project)) for nearly 10 minutes, He said ?I got impressed?, Then asked me about my hobbies I said Listening to Devotional Music especially the aartis of great saint saibaba , Then he asked me to tell the names of the four aartis
    I said
    1.kakada aarti
    2.Madhyanna aarti,
    3.sandhya aarti,
    4.sage aarti

    Then he looked at his watch and asked me to sing sandhya aarti Then I started singing the sandhya aarti and when I sung the first two lines , He said that?s o.k  I  Tested  u whether u were bluffing me, Any breaks  in ur   education ? I thought he was asking me whether  I had failed in any of my engineering subjects, And I said  P.D.C in II-I semester, The interviewer said  pavan how can u fail in a subject having such good acads and can u give me the reasons for getting failed in that subject I gave the reasons, He asked my Eamcet Rank And then he said  o.k  pavan I think u will definetely getin Any questions?
    Me: what does a fresher contribute for the success of TCS? He explained for 10 minutes And thus my Tech round was over  

    M.R Round
    Interviewer: so u r familiar with JSP, JDBC
    Me:  I Know the application of  some tags in JSP and the first type JDBC Driver,
    Me:Explain me your project
    I Explained the project, He said its like a Real Time project So will u work on HEALTH CARE PROJECTS ? I said yes sir Are  you  relocatable? I said yes sirThen about my hobbies? For nearly 10 minutes, The interviewer said ALL THE BEST  to me And thus my M.R round was over    

    H.R Round
    Interviewer : do you  need a glass of  water?
    Me: No sir ,Thank you
    Interviewer :  pavan where did you do your project?
    Me: In CMC
    Interviewer : what is the duration of your project?
     Me: 3 months
     Interviewer : what is the duration of your EDGE course?
     Me: 21/2 months
     Interviewer : so u started doing the  project immediately after joining in cmc
     Me:  sir as we have to submit our academic project we did so?
    Interviewer : why TCS? I answered
    Interviewer :  what are your strengths?  I told my strengths
     Interviewer :support your strengths  I supported my strengths
    Interviewer : what kind of devotional songs you will listen to?
    Me:Baba aartis
    Interviewer :Have you ever failed in LIFE?
    Me: No sir
    Interviewer : IN Acads?
    Me: one time
    Interviewer : which subject ?which sem?
    Me : II-I ,P.D.C
    Interviewer : why did u fail?
    Me: I said  I read only 3 units and most of the questions were from  the other 2 units
    Interviewer: so you keep something like reading only 3 units for an exam?
    Me: No sir,it happened like that only for that exam
    Interviewer: did u pass immediately in the supplementary?
    Me: yes sir
     Interviewer :  did u attend any other companies?
     Me : IBM , I did not clear the written test
    Interviewer : r u ready to work any where in INDIA ?
    Me: yes sir
    Interviewer : are u ready to sign a bond for two years?
    Me: yes sir,
    Interviewer :  what u will do if I select you and call u for 7 months?
    Me: I  will wait sir
    Interviewer : if u get in some other MNC in these 7 months?
    Me: No sir I don?t go for that
    Interviewer : How can you assure me?
    Me: I will sign a bond now itself
    Interviewer :o.k pavan you may leave for the day
    Me: thank you sir
    And thus my H.R round was also over.

    All The Best

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