TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   KIIT,Bhubaneswar -18 Apr 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   KIIT,Bhubaneswar -18 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hello Everybody I am Somjeet from KIIT,Bhubaneswar and I am giving some questions asked in TCS technical interview. This interview is the rejection process so be prepared for it.


    I entered into the room and greeted the interviewer.

    Interviewer: What r ur strengths?

    Me: I am consistent over my career and  I like Communication Engg. (They will ask questions from any topic, they don?t give any preference to your fav subject)

    Interviewer: So what is polymorphism? And write 2 programs to show the feature(both static & dynamic). Write the whole program and you r given 4 mins.

    Me: Wrote a program on function overloading and another using virtual functions within 2 mins

    Interviewer: He looked impressed and asked me what is Function overriding?

    Me: Answered with no problem

    Interviewer: What is a macro and what is bitfields?

    Me: answered

    Interviewer: difference between structure & union

    Me: answered

    Interviewer: difference between malloc, calloc & realloc

    Me: answered with ease

    Interviewer: what is a transducer and what is an opamp?

    Me: Answered

    Interviewer: What are the different stages of an Opamp?

    Me: Drawn and explained beautifully

    Interviewer: What is AM & FM and which is better?

    Me: Defined and then said among the two both r useful according to our needs 

    Interviewer: He looked happy and thanked me?

    Me: I greeted him and came back with a wide smile!


    Be thorough with your basics and be well prepared with C,C++ and DS.

    Even questions like Fibonacci series (both normally & using recursion were asked)

    Quick sort, Merge sort, Selection Sort, Bubble Sort are the hot questions

    For ETC people difference between Yagi-Uda antenna & normal antenna was asked.

    A puzzle was also asked to some- using two 2s make 32. [ 22 in base 15]



    This interview is rather a formality if u have done well in Tech interview. Mine was of about 2 mins.

    They asked me about myself, my hobbies, why I like quizzing and

    Why TCS (be prepared for this)


    The result was out at 11:00 pm and I was selected among the 297 students selected in KIIT. History was made as such a large number was placed on the first day


    Thank you

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